Juan Lebrón and Alelandro Galán completed their title poker of the year in Valencia and confirmed that they are the great dominators of the World Padel Tour, while in the women's tournament Alejandra Salazar and Ariana Sánchez achieved their second victory of the season.

The pair formed by Juan Lebrón and Ale Galán continues without knowing the defeat after the resumption of the calendar.

Nobody can


them, not even

Juan Tello


Fede Chingotto

, who have repeated the final after the last one they got at the Madrid Arena just three weeks ago.

A score of 6-3 and 7-6 (6) gave the title to Lebrón and Galán in the central court of Valencia.

In the women's tournament, one of the most established couples of the World Padel Tour,

Alejandra Salazar


Ari Sánchez

, won the title, who defeated in the final, 7-5 and 7-6 (6) the couple formed by

Marta Marrero


Paula Josemaría

, who were returning to a title match after a few difficult weeks after the return from the competition due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It is the second title of the year for Salazar and Sánchez, who become the first female couple to achieve it in a season in which equality is being the dominant trend.

Although the first set was balanced until it was resolved by the champions (6-4), the second had more alternatives.

Marrero and Josemaría got 5-1 in their favor and 0-15, but Salazar and Sánchez leveled the contest and the second set had to be decided in the tie break.

There, too, Marrero and Josemaría had their options, who came to have two match balls.

Instead, Salazar and Sánchez, at the first opportunity, won the point and closed the match.

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