Illustration of the ascent of a high mountain pass, in the Tour de France.

Here in 1926, by Belgian runner Lucien Buysse.


Sceve / SIPA

In our podcast “Minute Papillon!

", We go back in time today, with our series" There was a first time in the history of sport ... ".

An episode related to the start of the Tour de France cyclist given on Saturday.

Episode 2: Fears and pain… The Tour de France to discover the high mountains, in 1910

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Back, in this episode, on the first high mountain stage included in the program of the Tour de France, July 21, 1910, 110 years ago.

The 59 runners will live a daunting day with the climbing of four passes.

The first will take fourteen hours to reach Luchon in Bayonne.

The French runner Octave Lapize in the ascent of a pass, in 1910. - DR

Fear sets in within the peloton for fear, in particular, of bear attacks on these still wild roads.

Our guest, Pascal Sergent, cycling historian and president of the Hauts-de-France regional committee, explains how the organizers took such a decision which still forges the dramaturgy of the event today.

If you want to know more about that scary first time, turn on the sound! 


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