Angels Otani No. 1 in the first number and 2 hits No hit September 3 14:51

Shohei Otani of the big league, Angels, was the first No. 1 hitter in the big league in the Padres game on the 2nd, and was a two-hit no-hit.

On the 2nd, Otani was the first player in the major league to play in the No. 1 nominated batter in the Padres match held in his hometown of Anaheim.

This year's main player, David Fletcher, who had been in the first place so far, missed due to an ankle injury, and Otani, who has decided to steal 5th base, was appointed.

Otani was the first pitcher on the starting pitcher, first goro, and second on three pitches fore ball, and Mike Trout's two-run home run to take the lead home.

In the 5th inning, the low slider was struck out and the 4th inning was 8 in the foreball.

In this match, Otani was the first batter to run on the base ball twice, but ended up with two batting no-hits and the batting average was reduced to 10/8 minutes and 5 liters.

The match was defeated by 4-11 at the end of the Angels pitchers.

“The Fletcher couldn't play, he made the most sense in today's lineup,” said Angel Madden coach Joe Maddon. I decided to raise each by one."