The Brazilian Football Federation introduces equal pay for all national team players, something that Norway, Australia and New Zealand have done before.

- It's fantastic, for me this is a given step to take.

I hope and believe that they will also have the same conditions when it comes to sports conditions such as the number of collections and the number of people who help with the physical, says SVT Sports expert Frida Östberg.

The Discrimination Ombudsman, DO, last week acquitted the Swedish Football Association of wage discrimination in connection with the 2018 FIFA World Cup and 2019, a decision that the association welcomed.

- It should be that you choose here;

how do we want to do in Sweden, how do we want to be.

Here I think we have several steps left to go, I think they need to rethink.

Right now, it is other nations that are one step ahead of Sweden, says Frida Östberg.

Money should not be the driving force

SVT Sports' expert Daniel Nannskog also thinks it is a good decision from the Brazilian Football Association.

Who believes that money should not be a driving force to represent their country.

- I do not think you should have the idea to make money if you represent the Swedish national team.

I remember myself when I was part of the national team, it was an honor.

The last thing I thought about was that I would receive compensation, he says and continues:

- If Sweden receives money because they have come a long way in a championship, I would rather see that money fall into youth activities, that the association invests in more plans, better training opportunities and better education, for example.

But of course a small sum, equally large for ladies and gentlemen, who can act as the carrot, but again the prion when playing in the national team should not be money, he says.