Evening was falling in Lausanne, the sun was going down, the lights were coming on and

Armand Duplantis and Sam Kendricks

, their seven rivals long since eliminated, including a

Renaud Lavillenie

who remains far from his golden days, were still locked in a duel in the top of the pole vault.

A duel of two friends over six meters.

It was a display on the street because the Diamond League rally had left the stadium due to the pandemic and turned to the city center.

It was, yes, an exhibition in the street, but with the perfectly homologated jump hall, which gave validity to the marks.

The night has come.

Kendricks stopped at 6.07, which would have been his personal best and United States record.

But Duplantis didn't stop there.

He surpassed the bar in those 6.07 on the first try, the same as he had done in the 5.62;

the 5.82;

the 5.87;

the 5.92;

the 5.97 and the 6.02.

The record, in two centimeters more, meant the personal top in the open air of who, with 6.18 on the indoor track, holds the absolute world record.

Already with the night closed, in an unusual, almost magical environment, in semi-darkness, or in semi-light, as you prefer, the young Swede (20 years old) tried 6.15, the highest open sky ever achieved (


jumped 6.14 in 1994 at 2,035 meters above sea level in Sestriere).

He failed his first trial and did not try again.

He looked tired, and besides, the gloom didn't make things easy.

But he returned to show us his immense talent.

It was a good evening for the Swedish pole.

In the other exhibition of the only programmed modality, the women's event,

Angelica Bengtsson

won with 4.72.

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