This weekend, Bianca Salming took double gold at the junior-SM in Kristinehamn.

First she won the three-step competition on Saturday and on Sunday she followed it up by winning the high jump of 1.85 meters, ahead of Maja Nilsson.

She was then taken out in the Finnkamp squad, but gave a reprimand shortly afterwards.

- She felt today that she did not recover as she thought after the competition.

She felt tired after she competed in the junior-SM this weekend, says national team captain Karin Torneklint to SVT Sport.

In addition to Nilsson, Sofie Skoog and Ellen Ekholm also compete in high jump for Sweden in Finnkampen in Tampere.

Erika Kinsey was previously booked for another competition.

CLIP: Melwin Lycke Holm takes Swedish Championship gold - runs straight out to dad Stefan (15/8)

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Melwin Lycke Holm, 15, celebrates after his career's first Swedish Championship gold as a senior.

Photo: Bildbyrån