Angels Shohei Otani 1 hits 1 stolen baseball Marines also play against the plains… August 31 9:39

Shohei Otani of the big league, Angels, started the game with the second designated batter in the Mariners match on the 30th, and was one hit in four at bats. It was a light fly as he played the Mariners' pitcher Yoshitoshi Hirano for the first time in a major league in eight tie points in this match.

On the 30th, Otani started out as the second designated batter in the Mariners' match against Anaheim.

The first at-bat at one time was a foreball, and the fifth base this year was stolen. The 2nd bat at 3 times caught the slider and marked a hit for the first time in 2 games as a hit before the light with a sharp hit.

The 8th at-bat at the 1st to 1st position was a light fly with a straight pitch of 145km, which was the first time in a major league match with the pitcher Hirano, who was pitched with the Mariners' third player in the first-out no-first scene.

The 10th extension at 5th at bat that followed 1 point was 1 out 2nd base and struck out.

In this game, Otani made 1 hit in 4 at bats, 1 stolen base, and batting average was 10 minutes 8 minutes.

The Angels lost 1 to 2 after 10 extra tie breaks and stopped at 3 consecutive wins.

The Mariners' pitcher Hirano threw an inning and gave him one hit and one foreball, but he struck out one strikeout and was unscored.