Shooting coach Jean-Marc Chabloz is on site at the biathlon stadium in Dala-Järna where the roller biathlon championships will be decided this weekend. But it is without Stina Nilsson, who fell on roller skis just a week ago.

- It sounded like that right at the beginning, but pretty soon we found some solutions, says Chabloz.

She still can not use two poles and can not shoot without support.

- From the beginning we would only shoot sitting, and now we have already started lying with support and also standing with support. But then she needs help to get the gun up.

TT: Are you worried about her planned competition premiere in mid-November (Swedish premiere in Idre 13-14 November)?

- No, not a bit. Now I am not a doctor, but from what I have heard from the team around Stina, there is nothing to suggest anything else.

No stress

This winter, the idea is above all that Stina Nilsson will run the IBU Cup, the level during the World Cup.

Whether there will be a World Cup start remains to be seen - but there is no stress, according to Chabloz.

- She needs to compete, get used to gun control and to compete. Sure, it's going great, you might be able to take a World Cup, but for me it's important that she gets some competition experience.

CLIP: Stina Nilsson injured during training - gone for several weeks (August 20, 2020)

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Stina Nilsson. Photo: Bildbyrån