Chinanews client, Beijing, August 28 (Bian Liqun) On the evening of the 27th, with Hebei China Fortune's 2:1 victory over Qingdao Huanghai, the first stage of the Super League has passed halfway.

Super League Round 7 Results

  In the shadow of the sword and sword for a month, Xie Feng led Hebei Huaxia Happiness to break out of the siege. After winning this direct dialogue between the "local marshals", his team has won three consecutive victories and ranked first with a 4 point advantage. four.

  In fact, not only Xie Feng, but also local coaches such as Li Xiaopeng, Wu Jingui, Yang Ji, and Zhang Xiaorui have led the team. In this special season, they are justifying the local coaches in China.

Data map: Li Xiaopeng won the best coach award of the 2019 season. Photo by Zhang Hengwei

  Before the start of the season, only 3 of the 16 Super League teams were led by local coaches. Among them were Luneng coach Li Xiaopeng, Henan construction owner handsome Yang Ji, and Hebei China Fortune coach Xie Feng. Later, due to Ma Qin's contract, Qingdao Huanghai also joined the local commander camp, led by Wu Jingui.

  After SZ Donadoni finished class, Zhang Xiaorui served as the acting coach. For TEDA, which had been unbeatable, Wang Baoshan put out the fire. Today's Super League, there are already 6 local coaches leading the team, which is still relatively rare in recent years.

Data map: An official announcement poster produced by the official coach of Qingdao Yellow Sea Club Wu Jingui.

  After the opportunity came, the local marshals could be regarded as winning. After Wu Jingui took over Qingdao Huanghai, he achieved a record of 1 win, 3 draws and 1 loss, including a draw with SIPG and Guoan. The latter was a tenacious draw with 3 goals behind and played a classic match. .

  Similarly, Zhang Xiaorui, the acting coach of Shenzhen Football Team, has steadily improved since he took over. In the key game, Kaisa defeated Dalian by 3:2 and ended its four-game losing streak, and then drew 1:1 with Jiangsu Suning. The ranking also climbed to 5th in Group A, which kept the hope of entering the championship group and laid a good foundation for Cruyff to take over.

The league has finished 7 rounds, Tianjin TEDA has 1 draw and 6 losses and it is difficult to win a win. Image source: official photo courtesy of Chinese Super League/IC photo

  Among the local coaches who took over the team halfway, Wang Baoshan was the most sad one. Tianjin TEDA under his leadership has lost Yang Fan, Maitijiang, and Wagner in the winter transfer window, and is still facing the embarrassment of foreign aid. Although the current losing streak has not stopped, but from the perspective of the players' mental state, there has been a lot of improvement.

  And before the season, Yang Ji, who took over Jianye temporarily, led the team to play out the team's fierceness of "controlling all kinds of dissatisfaction". He scored 6 points in the long absence of two core foreign players and also showed a certain ability to lead the team.

  Li Xiaopeng, who was questioned at the beginning of the season, led the team to a 1-0 victory over Guangzhou Evergrande in the fourth round and achieved 4 consecutive victories in one fell swoop. After a 5:1 victory over Guangzhou R&F in the 7th round, they have already caught up with Guangzhou Evergrande, the top of Group A, with 16 points.

Data map: Suzhou Olympic Sports Center, one of the venues in the Suzhou Division of the Chinese Super League. Photo by China News Agency reporter Yang Bo

  Under the special competition system, this year’s Super League has brought huge difficulties. The team’s long-term concentration, unstable field conditions, intensive schedules, high-temperature battles, and player injuries...With the interval of 4 to 6 days, Everyone seemed to be standing in a huge wave, accepting waves of turbulent waves.

  This is also why the famous coach Benitez's team is hard to find a victory, the Guoan led by Genesio suffered three rounds of victory, the state of Evergrande under Cannavaro's ups and downs, and the Shenhua under Cui Kangxi after Jin Xinyu was injured. Hard to find a way out...

  However, under many unfavorable conditions, the local commander's specialties can be used instead. For example, develop simple and effective tactics that are most suitable for the team according to local conditions, unite the team quickly, and work hard. In the past season, relegation teams tended to look for local coaches to fight fires in the middle and late stages, and it is for this reason.

Data map: After 7 rounds, the Dalian team of famous coach Benitez has 3 draws and 4 losses, without a win. Image source: official photo courtesy of Chinese Super League/IC photo

  With the gradual return of the Chinese Super League to rationalization, big-name stars will leave one after another, and more and more teams will start to "cut their clothes and eat". Under this circumstance, the return of native coaches will become a trend. This coaching environment is also conducive to the growth of domestic coaches.

  Of course, for domestic coaches, they must continue to increase their upper limit to avoid that they only have the "fire fighting" function instead of leading the team to further improve in the long run. Only with the ability to coach the team in a normal way is the real winner, and Chinese football will also benefit from it. (Finish)