The Roller Biathlon Championships usually end up in a rather dark media shadow, but this year it would be different - with Stina Nilsson as the front figure. But last week, the former cross-country star's plans to run his first competition with a rifle on his back were crushed, and when the biathletes fell in one by one for training in the sunshine at Snöå ski stadium, it was without the new addition Nilsson.

- I think it's very sad for her sake because I think she really looked forward to driving this weekend, says national team skier Johanna Skottheim, who also knows Stina Nilsson since the ski high school in Torsby.

"We played in different leagues"

Both skiers also come from Dalarna, Nilsson from Malung and Skottheim from Transtrand, and as children they met in small local length competitions.

- We played in a few different leagues when we were little, haha, says Skottheim.

Stina Nilsson injured her left elbow in one case - on roller skis - last week and is not allowed to use two poles in six weeks. In addition, the shooting training is properly affected and at first she can only shoot sitting with a support.

However, Johanna Skottheim does not believe that the injury will affect Stina Nilsson's new venture very much.

- It's a shame she's not here, but it seems that she's in a good mood anyway.

"Good mood"

How is she coping with adversity?

- I would say that she is very good at it. When we see each other now, she is very positive and I think she will be back very soon as well.

Hanna Öberg shares Skottheim's picture:

- It still feels like she's in a good mood. She has been in similar situations before so she knows she can only focus on what she can influence.

SVT broadcasts from the roller biathlon championships in the broadcast from the cross-country ski Alliansloppet. It starts at 15.50:

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Aug 28 15.50 Photo: Bildbyrån