Angels Otani No. 2 Nominated batter with 4 hits No hits August 25 16:24

Shohei Otani of the big league, Angels, was the first No. 2 hitter in two seasons in the Astros match on the 24th, and was a four-bat no-hit.

After hitting a home run for the first time in 10 games the day before, Otani played for the first time in two seasons, the second best-designated hitter, starting in September from the Battle of Astros in Houston on the 24th.

Otani struck out to the starting left pitcher, struck out in the middle low curve in the first bat at one time, and ran out with a second error for the second at bat in three times.

The following 5 in 3rd bats were first goro, and the 7th in 4 bats missed a lower curve and fell out to strike out, and the opponent pitcher who had 11 strikeouts in the match suffered to the end.

Otani reduced the batting average to 10 minutes, 7 minutes, and 2 hits, with four hits including two strikeouts, and he failed to hit two games in a row.

In the match against the left pitcher, the number of hits with 26 hits this season is only 2 hits and the slump has continued.

The Angels lost 4-11, returning from 30 games in the first half of the season with 9 wins and 21 losses.

Also, Otani participated in defensive practice of the team before the match on this day, and was knocked for about 20 minutes in both light and first.

Otani was the last outfielder to play as an outfielder in 2014 when he was in the Nippon Ham era, and he has never been a fielder in the major leagues.