23rd of professional baseball results Softbank defeats Lotte to become the first leader on August 23 at 23:52

In professional baseball, three games of day games and three games of night games were played, and Softbank beat Lotte in the Pacific League to become the single leader.

Pacific League

▽ Lotte vs. SoftBank, SoftBank won 6 to 4.

SOFTBANK took the lead with Yanagita's No. 18 tournament three times, Nobuhiro Matsuda four times and Kurihara seven times, and scored multiple points.

The starting pitcher, Ishikawa, has scored 1 goal in 6 innings and has won 6 consecutive wins since the opening.

Lotte fell to second place with two consecutive losses, with Softbank taking the leading position alone.

Nippon-Ham vs. Rakuten Nippon-Ham won 11-0.

In the 6th inning, Watanabe and Kiyomiya scored 2 points in the 6th time, and in the 7th inning Matsumoto's 2 points timely three base and Kiyomiya's 4th three run scored 6 points.

The starting pitcher, Barhagen, is the fifth win with 6 goals. Rakuten lacked vigor in throwing.

Orix vs. Seibu Orix won 6-5.

In the 8th inning with 3 to 3, ORIX won three points with Jones' third home run, No. 9 solo, and T-Okada's timely two base.

The fifth pitcher, Ryo Yoshida, is the second win. The second year pitcher Urushihara made a save on his first professional pitching.

ORIX has won three consecutive games after the change of director.

For Seibu, the starting pitcher Matsumoto was 1 goal in the 5th inning, but the relief team collapsed and he lost 3 consecutive games.

SE League

▽ Chunichi vs DeNA Chunichi won 3-0.

In the 3rd day of the day, Almonte took the lead in the timely, and in the 5th time, the substitute hit, Hirata's 2-point timely two base added points.

The starting pitcher, Yudai Ono, kept the number of hits to five and finished with four consecutive wins.

Chunichi wins 3 consecutive wins on this card.

DeNA lost three games in a row and lost three games in a row.

▽ Yakult vs. Hanshin, Yakult won 4 to 2.

Yakult topped Sakaguchi's timely Uchino hit, which was the first batter home run from 2 to 7 in 7 innings and 2 out 1st to 3rd in 1st inning.

The starting pitcher, Ogawa, scored his 6th win with 7 goals and 2 good goals.

Hanshin didn't connect the batting lines and missed three consecutive wins on the same card.

▽ Hiroshima vs. Giant Hiroshima won 2-1.

Hiroshima won the 1st-on-one victory in the 8th inning, with No. 2 solo by Sakakura.

The second pitcher, Hanae, wins the third victory.

French pitcher made 6th save.

Hiroshima has 3 consecutive wins.

Giants lost their batting lines and for the first time this season lost the same card 3 times.