Athletics "Golden Grand Prix" 100m Men's Yoshihide Kiryu Wins August 23 19:08

The "Golden Grand Prix" on track was held at the National Stadium, and Yoshihide Kiryu won the men's 100 meters in a time of 10 seconds and 14 seconds.

The "Golden Grand Prix" is the first tournament for domestic top athletes to meet on the track since the National Stadium, the main stadium for the Tokyo Olympic Games, was completed in November last year.

In a tournament held without an audience due to the influence of the new coronavirus, Kiryu and Yuki Koike who have a record of 9 seconds 98 in Japan's second place in 100 meters for men, and 4 seconds in the history are 10 seconds 00 Ryota Yamagata and other players lined up.

Of these, Kiryu was in the qualifying 0.7 meters, and proceeded to the final with 10 seconds 09 overall top time.

In the final, he started with a start, which had been a challenge, and responded well, showing a powerful run from the midfield to the latter half of his specialty, and finished at the top.

Kiryu won the championship with a time of 10 seconds and 14 meters in a headwind of 0.2 meters.

Second place is Cambridge Asuka, 10 seconds 16 seconds.

Third place was Ippei Takeda with 10 seconds and 30 seconds.

Shuhei Tada was 6th in 10 seconds 37, Koike was 8th in 10 seconds 53, and Yamagata was 10 seconds 42 in qualifying and could not advance to the final without increasing the time.

Kiryu ""You win and become confident""

Yoshihide Kiryu, who won the time of 10 seconds and 14 seconds, said, "It was good that I was able to win the final and I am confident. I was able to run myself though the time between qualifying and the final was short. I don't think it is a slow time," he calmly recalled.

Regarding the race at the new National Stadium, he said, "I wondered if I would run here next year's Olympics. I didn't really feel the feeling of the track, so I didn't feel anything." It was

For the future, "I don't know how many races this race can run, so I value each one. I want to do my best so that I can improve the problems I have come up with in the next and subsequent races." It was.

Asuka, Cambridge "I felt a response"

Asuka Asuka, who finished second at 10 seconds 16 times, said, "I am satisfied with the performance because the running content has improved compared to last season. It was a race that I felt the response was good." It was Regarding the new National Stadium, he said, "I was disappointed at the race with no spectators, but the atmosphere was very good and it was easy to run. I am very excited to see the Olympic Games at this stadium."

Regarding the victory of Yoshihide Kiryu, "I think I was losing in the sense of stability and strength, but the race is still going on. I want to do my best so that I can win next time I lose this time" ..

Tada "Overall issues remained"

Shuhei Tada, who finished sixth in the time of 10 seconds 37, said, "It was a development that was left behind at the start, and there were overall issues including other parts. Struggling running However, it was a good experience to be able to run at the new National Stadium and feel the atmosphere.I was not able to run as I expected, so I accelerated from the start In the second half of the year, I would like to tackle issues such as running less powerfully.”