China News Service, Beijing, August 18 (Reporter Xing Chong) The Chinese Super League is currently underway, and another national football match will also begin. The reporter learned from the Chinese Football Association on the 18th that the 2020 Chinese Football Association Women’s Super League will be held at the Kunming Haigeng Sports Training Base in Yunnan Province from August to October.

The Women's Super League will open on the 23rd, provided by the Chinese Football Association

  By convention, the Women’s Super League is generally kicked off in March and April. Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, this year’s matches have to be postponed. Like the Chinese Super League this season, the Women's Super League has also changed from a home and away system to a tournament system.

  At the same time, the Women’s Football League this season is also divided into two stages. The first stage of the match is from August 23 to September 18. The single round-robin system is adopted and the ranking is based on points. The top four and the bottom six will be divided into competitions. Champion group and relegation group; the second stage of the competition is from September 27th to October 11th. The champion group and relegation group will conduct the corresponding single round robin to determine the final ranking.

Players arrived in the division provided by the Chinese Football Association

  There are ten teams participating in the Women’s Super League this season, namely Jiangsu Suning Women’s Football, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, Changchun Volkswagen Real Estate, Wuhan Chedu Jiangda, Beijing Beikong Development, Guangdong Meizhou Wuhua, Henan Jianye Women’s Football, and Shandong Sports Lottery, Zhejiang Hangzhou Women's Football, Hebei China Fortune.

  According to regulations, all team members must undergo at least one antibody test and two nucleic acid tests before the game. All personnel can enter the competition area with normal test results. After each team arrives in the competition area, they need to sign the epidemic prevention convention, fair play convention, and league responsibility letter. Wait for relevant documents.

Players arrived in the division provided by the Chinese Football Association

  The special season is a big test for all teams. Although the team that reached the finals has only 13 games, the dense schedule and relatively hot weather pose great challenges to the players' physical fitness. In addition, the women's national team will set aside time to prepare for the Olympic qualifiers in February next year.

  The participating teams will report on August 18th and 19th. On the 18th, Jiangsu Suning Women's Football, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, Wuhan Chedu Jiangda, Beijing Beikong Development, Henan Jianye Women's Football and other teams have arrived. (Finish)