It was very nasty pictures when Remco Evenepoel, 20, drove into a bridge railing and hit his head in the railing before he overturned it and crashed into a ravine.

The injuries reported were a pelvic fracture and a lung contusion. Now he has been moved to a hospital at home in Belgium and that is where he updates his followers.

- I just want to say that I'm feeling very good right now. I want to thank everyone who has supported and helped me. Unfortunately, my season is over. But there is no rush and we have a lot of time to plan a comeback, he says and continues:

- Both I and the whole team think positively and look forward to next season. We will take it easy and do everything to make me come back as a better cyclist and stronger than ever before.

Here is the clip of the crash:

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New nasty bike crash Photo: TT