Major League Angels Otani 4 Hits No Hits August 16 15:53

Shohei Otani of the major league, Angels, was the starting player in the Dodgers match on the 15th with the No. 5 designated batsman, and was a four-hits no hit.

On the 15th, Otani played in the Dodgers match at home in Anaheim as a No. 5 designated hitter.

Otani hit the starter's right pitcher with a pitcher goro in the first bat at one time, and a two-out second base and third base in the third inning.

In addition, he missed the third at-bat in the fifth inning and struck out the fourth at-bat in the eighth inning, but fell to the left fly.

Otani was the first in two games to hit four hits with no hits, and his batting average dropped to just 20%. The match was extended 10 times, and the Angels lost 5 to 6 for the third consecutive loss.