Al-Orange is considering establishing a closed camp in Abu Dhabi

Hussain: Ajman needs two citizen players to complete its contracts before the start of the league

Ajman contracted with Mohammed Ismail from Shabab Al-Ahly. From the source

The manager of the Ajman team, Muhammad Hussain, revealed that his club needs to sign two national players, one in midfield and the other as a defender, to complete the contracts of Orange in preparation for the new season.

The Ajman Club concluded many deals at the level of the national players, most notably Muhammad Ismail, who came from Al-Ahly youth, and Muhammad Sarawash, who was loaned from Al-Nasr Club for a year, Rashid Hassan, who came from Khorfakkan, and Suleiman Nasser, a midfielder for Al Ain Club and the Olympic team, and Abdullah Saleh and Saad Sorour Al-Qadaman From the Fujairah and Emirates teams.

Hussein said to "Emirates Today": "We have made great steps towards providing the team with the elements it needs for the new season, while keeping the main structure on which the Egyptian coach, Ayman Ramadi, relied." We no longer need only citizen players, and the fourth foreigner file has been resolved, as we decided to contract with the Gambian player, Abu Bakr Trawally, and we are awaiting the approval of his Saudi youth club on our request to extend the loan for another season.

He added, "In the event that Al-Shabab's response does not arrive, Al-Orange has more than one option at the level of foreign players, but we prefer the player, Trauli."

Ajman has signed during the current summer transfer period with the Brazilian player Gustavo Faginin and the Portuguese Diego Amado, instead of the Brazilian Vander Vieira and Mali Hamid Doumbia, to join the Ghanaian player William Oso, who is with the team from last season.

Regarding whether Al-Orange has settled on the citizen players whom he intends to contract with, Muhammad Hussein explained: "Until now negotiations are still ongoing with more than one club in this regard, whether by loan or final transfer, and within an expected short period, we may resolve these contracts." .

Regarding the alternatives set by the technical staff in the event that the Sharjah Quadruple Championship is not held on time, he replied: “There is a possibility that we will set up a closed camp during the period from the 18th to the 27th of this month, which is the date set for the Sharjah Club tournament in the event that the protocol for friendly matches does not arrive. He may be in Abu Dhabi, and we certainly hope that the session will be held on the specified date, as it is the last stages of preparing the orange season for the new season.

Ajman was scheduled to play two friendly matches against the Emirates and Al-Ahly youth, and they were canceled due to the failure to issue the health protocol.

The start of the season on time is in the interest of all teams

The manager of the Ajman team, Muhammad Hussain, talked about the possibility of postponing the start of the new season, and said: “Personally, I see that the start of the new season on its scheduled date on the third of next September is in the interest of all teams in general, especially for the four clubs that "The AFC Champions League is being completed. It is important for them to complete the Group League with readiness for official matches, and this will not be achieved until the new season is held on time." He added, "I fear that delaying the start of the new season will lead to more postponements."

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