Arbuluk Tokyo 3 players positive in new corona PCR test B League August 14 18:41

It was revealed that three players including Taiko Tanaka, who won the MVP = Best Player Award last season in the basketball boy, B-League Albulk Tokyo, had a positive reaction in the PCR test of the new coronavirus.

According to Arbulk Tokyo, the positive reactions came out in the last season's MVP, in addition to Tanaka who is also active in the Japanese national team, Motoki Kojima and Shodai Tsuyama.

All three of the team's players and staff were retested on the test conducted on the 11th, and a positive test was given on the evening of the 13th.

Three people have no symptoms such as fever, and have been on standby from the 13th.

The team has been inactive since the 14th, and there are 24 players and staff who may be in heavy contact, with a total of 24 people waiting at home, but no one has any symptoms.

Under the guidance of the public health center, Arbulk will determine the number of concentrated contacts, promote the disinfection of the practice area in Fuchu City, Tokyo, and decide the resumption schedule of the practice.

Kunihiko Hayashi, president of Arbulk, held a press conference online and said, ``As a club, we would like to make all concerned parties aware of the infection countermeasures we have been working on again to raise the level of awareness of individual prevention. ".