Neymar and Mbappé make love after the crazy scenario against Atalanta. - David Ramos / AP / SIPA

In two minutes of football and as many goals scored, PSG has granted at least six days of rab in Lisbon. Time to prepare for the semi-final, either against Leipzig or against Atlético, but also to take stock of the quarter against Atlético Bergamo on Wednesday. What we are going to hasten to do in our infinite grandeur to pre-chew Thomas Tuchel's work by distributing good and bad points. Yeah, we're like that.

" The good news

Mbappé is back

But how does he do it? While any average human would always limp like a duck in his place, Kylian Mbappé brilliantly passed the post-injury technical check on his ankle. "Don't talk to me about pain," he tweeted, not without humor. Bergamo Defenders can't say the same after taking in drafts of space for half an hour. Barely back, already decisive, what will it be next week? We wouldn't like to be João Félix ...

You don't talk to me about pain ... 🤪
A big thank you to the medical staff for getting me back on my feet, no one believed it except us.
Congratulations to the whole group, we went to get this one.


- Kylian Mbappé (@KMbappe) August 12, 2020

Di Maria too

When it came to helping Neymar organize, he failed. When it was necessary to swing pralines from the outside of the foot, he failed. And when it was necessary to bring the surplus in the area, he also missed. Paris will therefore welcome the return of the Argentinian suspension for his future double in the semi-finals.

Thiago Silva will finally know the half of C1

After countless failures with Milan and PSG in the quarterfinals, here is the Monster at the gates of the final for the first time in his career. He carries poor Duvan Zapata in his pocket. To return to the halfs, it was now or never for the Brazilian, who still secretly hopes to extend to PSG, even if this story seems moderately reciprocal. We strongly advise him to go to the final to complete the ball of the first-last times.

Not already Thiago.

- Nando C. (@NandoChachalana) August 12, 2020

The team is super happy with their game

Especially Thomas Tuchel, whose only feat of arms has been to repair his tactical approximation in the midfield thanks to the magic of the five substitutes. “I'm very happy, the goals came very late but the victory is deserved. We never stopped believing in it, attacking. We demonstrated a great mentality. We had guys on the bench who had a big impact on this game. It's deserved, we forced the chance. It is normal in football that it happens like that in a decisive match ”.

💥 Huge explosion of joy for the Parisians in the locker room after qualifying against Atalanta

⚡ Marquinhos lets go, the beautiful hug from Tuchel and Nasser, the joy of Neymar, a mad Choupo ... PSG celebrates his qualification with great fanfare #ATAPSG #RMCChampions #UCL

- RMC Sport (@RMCsport) August 12, 2020

The bad news

Keylor Navas left with injury

Can Paris Saint-Germain reasonably hope to win a Champions League semi-final without the help of Keylor Navas? Remember that before his injury, he allowed his family to stay in contact with Atalanta at the cost of stops that we can hardly imagine Rico making. It will however be necessary to get used to it, in Sevillan. Because the Costa Rican goalkeeper risks missing the half because of an injury to the hamstrings of the right leg. Unless Mbappé gives him the 06 of his doctor.

Keylor Navas uncertain for the semi-finals [@beinsports_FR]

- MediaFoot (@_MediasFoot) August 13, 2020

Mauro Icardi is in crisis

The problem with posting photos of yourself enjoying asados ​​is that you have to take responsibility for it. Dani Osvaldo and Gonzalo Higuain case law. And we can not say that this is really the case at the moment for the Argentine, who still has not hit on goal since the resumption of football, and we hardly abuse. If this continues, Choupo will overtake him in the hierarchy.

Marco Verratti limps again

Paris has recovered Mbappée and will recover Di Maria but is still not sure of being able to count on Verratti by the end of Final 8. The images of the Italian celebrating the 2-1 goal in the stands are formal: the owl is still limping.

🏆 Despite the injury, Verratti gave everything in the stands on Choupo-Moting's goal

- RMC Sport (@RMCsport) August 13, 2020


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