Despite the loss against Tyson Fury last autumn, Otto Wallin was highly praised. This has contributed to him being written up before the match on Saturday.

- Now the world has opened its eyes to me and I have good momentum from that match. It's important that I do well here. Should something go wrong here, it would be a huge step backwards, says Wallin.

The opponent on Saturday is the merited 34-year-old American, Travis Kauffman. For Otto Wallin, the past year has taken him to new levels.

- I feel at least the same and I think I have developed a lot during this time. I learned a lot from the Fury match so hopefully I'm even better now.

"I wish my coach could speak a little more Swedish"

Wallin hopes that he can already get a title match with a victory on Saturday, even though he knows that it may take longer than that.

- There is no champion who would need to be ashamed to meet me, it feels good. Ideally, I would have played a title match in the next match. But it is probably a couple of matches away, the world champions are busy boxing against each other.

The match on Saturday will take place in Connecticut, just north of Otto Wallin's hometown of New York. Recently, Wallin has received the best possible sparring, as he trained together with two undefeated heavyweights.

The match on Saturday will take place without an audience.

- They say that it is an arena that usually takes 10,000 people, so I hope they blocked some so it is not a big echo all the time.

- It will be special to hear the other guy's coach and he will hear my coach. I would have liked my coach to know a little more Swedish, then we could have gotten away with it quite well.