Piteå and Örebro intend to take in 50 people at their Damallsvenska matches tonight, while Rosengård has interpreted the recommendations as meaning that they will not get it.

According to Håkan Sjöstrand, general secretary at SvFF, Piteå and Örebro do not violate any recommendations.

- It is possible for all associations to have up to 50 people. If you can ensure that there are no more than 50 people, regardless of whether it is a broad or elite association, then it is possible within the framework of the laws and regulations that apply, he says to SVT Sport.

It is still required that it is a fenced sports field and a controlled arena space and if you can not guarantee it, you should not take in spectators. The team and those who perform the match are not included among the 50 people.

Swedish football has previously submitted a request to the government that they reconsider the restriction of public events with more than 50 participants.

- It is a matter of fate for football. When we look at top football and the importance of the audience revenue you now do not have, you see that it has enormous consequences, says Sjöstrand.

CLIP: Sjöstrand: "Football is banned from business right now" (15/05)

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Håkan Sjöstrand, general secretary of the Swedish Football Association, criticizes the Public Health Agency's "slow handling".