Korea's'Hope of High Jump' Woo Sang-hyuk is growing steadily toward the Tokyo Olympics.

It is worth looking at the first medal ever, reporter Lee Jeong-chan reported.


Woo Sang-hyuk, who appeared like a comet at the 2013 World Youth Championship in Korea, winning the first ever Korean high jump, raised hope with a record of 11th place in the 2m 26cm qualifying round at the Rio Olympics at the age of 20.

[Woo Sang-hyuk/National High Jump (at the time of the Rio Olympics): Something was

exciting, but it was a new experience.] The following year, Sang-hyuk Woo, who was struggling to win the 2m30 wall, was caught in an unexpected injury.

I injured my left foot, a cloud foot, when I couldn't control the speed while trying to save my long-term speed.

Woo Sang-hyuk overcome the slump with a new strategy.

Reduced the number of running steps by two from the previous 10 steps.

Rather than reducing the speed slightly to reduce the burden on the clouds, he reinforced his ankle strength to restore his heyday.

[Woo Sang-hyuk/High Jump National Team: I am very satisfied, but my final goal is 2m33 and a new Korean record (2m34), so it seems that there is still a long way to go.] The

situation where competitors are stagnating also raises expectations.

The 2m30 mark when Woo Sang-hyuk won the Australian tournament in February is the world's highest this year.

It is evaluated that if you break the Korean record of 2m34, you can also aim for an Olympic medal.

[Woo Sang-hyuk/National High Jump: Always have ambition and passion. From now on, I think I will be able to jump higher with a positive mind in the future.]

Sang-hyuk Woo, who engraved his convictions on his body, is drawing the day to soar in Tokyo.

(Video coverage: Jeon Jeon-bae, Video editing: Kim Byeong-jik)