High school baseball exchange game Koshien seen by the first grader with a uniform number "20" August 12 11:09

At the second match on the second day of the exchange match, at Hirata High School in Shimane, the 1st grader who had just entered school in April, was carrying a uniform number "20" on the bench and watching the match. How did the first year students who continue to aim for Koshien accept exchange games only this summer?

Uniform number 20 "1st grade"

There was a player practicing defensive practice before the match, who was knocking while making a loud voice.

My name is Takayuki Miyake, an infielder in Hirata.

Hirata, who was selected as a Senbatsu in the 21st century frame and was supposed to participate in Koshien for the first time throughout the spring and summer, has a total of 19 third and second year students.

In exchange games, 20 people, who are two more than usual Koshien, can enter the bench, so Miyake got his uniform number "20", and in the first grade, only one person could step on the soil of Koshien.

The figure of the third grader I saw up close

Miyake was able to practice with the third grader for only two months from June when the whole practice resumed, but seniors taught us many things, such as baseball skills and how to spend each day, It seems that he never spilled weak noises or complains about the sambatsu or the cancellation of the summer tournament.

"My seniors always told us that baseball was just as appreciated," Miyake recalls.

Experience of Koshien in the future

Miyake, who was a captain in a local team until junior high school and is expected to be the future center player from the manager, could not participate in the match on this day, but to the ace to force and the batting line to persistently connect behind, While sending a voice from the bench, I was impressed with the sight of the energetic seniors at Koshien.

The team suffered a closeout at Soseikan High School in Nagasaki, but Miyake said, "The experience of exchange games is a source of life for baseball even for first graders. Forget the attitude and play that seniors showed. Instead, I will pull a new team with words and actions, and I will return to this place a year, two years later," he said.

When I heard this story after the game, Miyake's uniform was black in the soil of Koshien.

When I asked, "Why didn't you participate?", "I was so nervous that I pulled out of the seat knock to loosen it," he said.

If the tournament at Koshien will be held safely from next year onwards, you may be able to see Miyake, who is making his uniforms dirty in the match, with his teammates.