More than 10 people in the Nichidai swimming club confirmed infection one after another New coronavirus August 11 22:28

In the swimming department of Nihon University, it was revealed that one male member had been infected with the new coronavirus this month, and then more than 10 members including members were confirmed to be infected one after another.

According to Nihon University, a male member of the swimming club was tested for PCR with fever symptoms on the 30th of last month, and as a result, he was infected with the new coronavirus on the 1st of this month.

According to the people involved, more than 70 people including staff members and leaders were then subjected to PCR test, and more than 10 people were confirmed to be infected by the 11th.

After first being infected with a male member, the swimming club refrained from activities and took measures such as stopping the scheduled counterattack against Chuo University on the 27th of this month. "We will continue to give thorough guidance to students and work to prevent the spread of infection."

On the other hand, Rikako Ikie, a second year student who is aiming to return from the leukemia competition, is practicing in a pool different from the boys' members, and no infection has been confirmed, so he finished the practice on the 30th of the last month and waited at home. It is becoming.