1. FC Köln has made public the termination of a member who has complained about the representation of the central mosque on the shirt of the Bundesliga soccer team. "We are happy to confirm this termination. Goodbye," the club announced on its Twitter channel on Tuesday. The skyline of Cologne can be seen on the current shirt of the Cologne club. In addition to the cathedral and the Rhine, the mosque is also incorporated into the graphic.

The member who has now resigned from the association justified the termination according to the association's report with the fact that it "cannot identify with Muslims and mosques" and therefore resigned from the "1. FC Köln religious community". The assumption, also contained in the letter of termination, that FC will wear pink jerseys in the future to make the "cosmopolitanism perfect" was countered by the club by displaying a pink jersey. "And thank you for the idea with the jersey," wrote the FC on Twitter.

The Cologne also referred to their charter in the tweet. In the association's mission statement, the norms and values ​​for cooperation between the club, members and fans are summarized in eleven articles. It says in particular: "We want tolerance, fairness, openness and respect - always and everywhere."