Al Gergawi: There is no conflict between the start of the season and the new board

Basketball Union elections next October

  • The General Assembly is discussing today a proposal to retain foreign professionals in basketball clubs. Photography: Ashok Verma

  • Ismail Al Gergawi: "The only basketball federation that sought to complete the season after stopping sporting activity due to Corona."


The President of the Arab and Emirates Basketball Federations, Major General Ismail Al Gergawi, confirmed that the basketball federation's elections will take place next October at the very least, and that the completion of the current season in September, followed by the start of the new season, will not conflict with the identity of the union’s members in its new election cycle 2020-2024.

Al-Gergawi told "Emirates Today", "Preparing for the holding of the elections for the new session requires three months of arrangements and procedures, at the very least, in light of today's meeting of the ordinary general assembly postponed from last April, with the aim of discussing the clubs' proposals related to the new season, provided that the association follows With the completion of the articles of association of the federation, which will be sent later to the clubs in order to express opinion and submit proposals related to its clauses.

He explained: “The Federation has been working for more than a year on drafting the articles of association in a manner consistent with the Olympic Charter, the International Federation and the Asian Federation, in addition to its compatibility with local regulations. This system has been subjected to many stages of auditing, the most prominent of which are the legal aspects, and upon completion of the postponed assembly, it will be baptized. The federation is to send the final version of the clubs to study it and study its articles, while giving them the opportunity to present proposals before an extraordinary general assembly is held to study those proposals and the amendments that must be made to its clauses, to follow later by holding another general assembly to approve the statute of which the completion is a cornerstone Before entering the entitlement of the new election cycle 2020-2024 ».

And he went on to say: "Completing these procedures in a way that achieves justice and integrity for all requires a long period of discussions and meetings, extending for more than three months, especially as we in the Basketball Union are keen that the basic system be stable for many years."

Al-Gergawi stressed that holding the elections in October will not conflict with the start of the new season, and said: “The postponed general assembly that will be held today will discuss the proposals of the clubs that have submitted it since last March, which will form a pillar in determining the identity and mechanisms of the new season 2020-2021, which means that there is no Any conflict between the electoral process and the course of the season’s tournaments, especially since the new federation will be required, with the approaching end of the next season, to hold its regular general assembly, which is usually devoted to discussing the mechanisms and concerns of the game ».

He concluded: “It is calculated that the current Basketball Federation is the only one at the state level that has strived to complete the season after the suspension of sports activity last March due to the precautionary measures that were circulated to limit the spread of the Corona virus, and this is what we have succeeded in achieving through organized work and lengthy meetings, as the championship will resume The league kicks off in September ».

Foreign professionals at the General Assembly table today

The Basketball Federation is holding, at 5 pm today in Dubai, the General Assembly No. (18), which has been postponed since last April, aiming to discuss the clubs ’proposals, the most prominent of which are the files on whether or not to keep or reduce the number of foreign professionals, and mechanisms for registering and transferring national players over the age of 30, in addition to To review financial records and player registration fees in all stages.

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