In the match at Olympia, Norrköping started the goal fabrication through Alexander Fransson who poked the ball in after only three minutes. Just six minutes later, the referee Kristoffer Karlsson found a penalty that expanded the list of cheap penalties in this year's Allsvenskan.

Norrköping's Lars Krogh Gerson was hit by Martin Olsson who fell and was awarded a penalty. Anthony van den Hurk scored 1-1 controlled behind Isak Pettersson.

The goal gave Helsingborg enough energy to play evenly with the top team Norrköping. Among other things, Alex Timossi Andersson had two really nice nods that were close to resulting.

After 23 minutes, it was time for Helsingborg's second penalty due to a hand on Ísak Bergmann Jóhannesson. This time, too, the penalty was highly questionable, even though a TV replay was required to discover that the ball did not hit the arm.

This time, Isak Pettersson waited for the penalty. But he left a return that van den Hurk could take advantage of. 2-1 to Helsingborg.

After Helsingborg's lead goal, Norrköping took over the match more and more and the team had a couple of decent chances before half time. Among other things, Jonathan Levi had a resounding shot in the outside of the post.

Norrköping hunted

In the second half, IFK Norrköping took over in search of a draw. The team did not bomb Alexander Nilsson in the HIF goal, but they got some good chances. Among other things, Christoffer Nyman nodded hard and forced Nilsson to a nice save.

In the 62nd minute, Norrköping's pressure resulted when Ísak Bergmann Jóhannesson got revenge on his caused penalty by thundering in 2-2.

Norrköping continued to press, now for a winning goal. It resulted in some chances, but also some decent counterattacks where Rasmus Jönsson had the best shooting position.

Norrköping's Christoffer Nyman was in front twice and forced Alexander Nilsson to fine saves on a shot and a nod.

But Helsingborg continued to advance with a lot of people when given the opportunity and after 80 minutes Rasmus Jönsson shot 3-2. And even if the home team got help from the two penalties, the team did not win unfairly, but they were always on their toes and worked hard and disciplined.

CLIP: Helsingborgs coach Olof Mellberg sent off (2/8 2020)

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Helsingborgs coach Olof Mellberg expelled