The departures of Parejo and Coquelin to Villarreal, which will be closed in the next few hours, have ended up being the spigot by which the indignation of Valencian with Peter Lim has been released . The failure in the season, the transfer list, the dismissal of Paco Camarasa and the departure of these players have fueled a resentment towards the property that the Covid pandemic lulled empty the stadiums.

Up to two groups have organized in the last hours through social networks to make this discomfort visible. The first is a group called Plataforma Espíritu del 86 , in memory of the year in which Valencia went down to Second, and its manifesto is signed by illustrious people such as Mario Alberto Kempes , Javier Subirats , Santiago Cañizares , Fabián Ayala , actor Enrique Arce, the former cyclist Ángel Casero or the lawyer Pablo Delgado, among others.

In your statement, you bet on pressuring Meriton from the economic section. Given that their "wrong line of business and conduct" can lead to the club due to dissolution, and that the "rectification and reaction of the maximum shareholder" to recover the fans is already impossible, they choose to demand that they comply with the established obligations , especially the one referred to the Strategic Territorial Action ( ATE ) for the sale of Mestalla and the construction of the new stadium .

They warn that they work in two ways: to bring to the legal route the breach of the ATE of the stadiums and that of the commercial-accounting responsibility, notifying the auditor of the Ernst & Young club accounts that they will monitor the important "accounting impact on the assets of the club " the expiration of the ATE.

This group expresses its intention to challenge the accounts in the next general meeting for which it asks for the contribution of the Valencians to gather the "40,000 shares, 1% of the shareholders" necessary to be able to exercise that right. They are given until the month of September to assess whether the syndication of that number of shares is possible.

Cañizares, against the Association of Peñas

The former Valencia goalkeeper not only joined this group, but also publicly criticized that representatives of fans such as the Association of Peñas or the Small Shareholder Association did not show their displeasure with the maximum shareholder.

Wake in Mestalla

The other initiative is part of a group called ' Salvem Nostre Valencia ' and has already requested authorization from the Valencia City Council and the Government Delegation to organize a peaceful concentration this Wednesday 12 at 8:00 p.m., keeping the health security measures , in the Plaza de Afición to, later, go to the door of the Mestalla box and place candles as a wake. In addition, they will keep a minute of silence for "the death that Meriton is causing to our shield" and a minute of applause "in honor of all ordinary Valencianists who fight day by day and fight for our shield."

The other initiative

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