Screenshot of Atletico Madrid's official website.

  China News Service, August 10th. On the 9th local time, La Liga giants Atletico Madrid Football Club announced that two of the first team have tested positive for the new crown and have been isolated at home. Out of privacy considerations, the club did not publish a list of infected persons.

  The club wrote: "In order to participate in the Champions League quarter-finals, Atletico Madrid's first team conducted routine tests before heading to Lisbon. During the tests, 2 positive cases were found and they have been isolated at home. The club has notified UEFA of this matter. , The Spanish Football Association, the Portuguese Football Association and the Spanish High Council of Sports."

  It is reported that the Atletico Madrid club will conduct the second round of testing on Monday local time to determine whether there are other people in the team infected. The club is coordinating the new schedule with UEFA, which will be announced after it is confirmed. According to the original plan, Atletico will face Leipzig Red Bull on August 14.

Atletico official micro screenshot

  The full text of the official statement of Atletico Madrid is as follows:

  Due to two positive cases in the latest new crown test, all Atletico Madrid club personnel who are going to Lisbon will be tested again today and tomorrow.

  On Saturday, August 8, all the players and coaching staff of Atletico Madrid's first team and all club staff who are about to go to Lisbon to participate in the Champions League were tested for the new crown in the Sports City. There have been two positives in the current test results. They have been notified and quarantined in their homes. At the same time, the club immediately notified the health authorities of Spain and Portugal, UEFA, Spanish Football Association, Portuguese Football Association and Spain’s Supreme Sports Council, and immediately initiated pre-planned emergency measures: all those who will travel to Lisbon must re-accept the new crown. Detection, the team's training time and start time are also changed accordingly. The club also hopes that all parties can respect everyone's privacy, refrain from malicious speculation, and refrain from spreading rumors.

  After the end of La Liga, Atlético Madrid club voluntarily issued an application like La Liga, hoping that all teams that will compete in the European arena will continue to follow the epidemic prevention measures designed and implemented by La Liga. Although UEFA’s requirement is that “relevant personnel can travel if they are tested and negative 72 hours before departure to Lisbon”, our club has always adhered to the previous regulations of Spain’s Supreme Sports Council: every week without matches The new crown is tested, and every day there are inspectors sent by La Liga to supervise the epidemic prevention work. The monitor has accompanied and helped the team in the previous 11 league rounds. (Finish)