Bonds with teachers from remote islands of Oita Commercial [Koshien Exchange Match] 19:44, August 10

Shinpei Fukada (39) knocked on the players during pre-match practice at Oita Commercial. I work for a high school in Okinoerabujima, a remote island in Kagoshima Prefecture located in the southwestern part of the Amami archipelago. Why did Fukada, a teacher on a remote island, knock at Oita Commercial in Koshien? There was a deep bond with the team.

Unexpected Koshien

Just before the game, Fukada knocked the players vigorously in the outfield of the Koshien stadium. In 2018, I was dispatched to Oita Prefecture from Kagoshima Prefecture through personnel exchanges between prefectures, and I was the baseball manager until the end of March at Oita Commerce, a prefectural government.
It was supposed to be held just before the end of the two-year term, and Mr. Fukada was planning to join the bench as the manager at the spring senbats.
However, the tournament was canceled due to the new coronavirus, and I could not go to Koshien, and I returned to my hometown of Kagoshima from April.
Mr. Fukada confessed, "I had a frustrating feeling that I wouldn't be honest with Corona." After that, it was decided that we would be able to go to Koshien in an unexpected way in an exchange game that was held. Hopes came from the students and parents who trusted Mr. Fukada, and it was accepted by the Takanoren as well, and we were able to participate as a special knocker.

Shinpei Fukada
"I couldn't stand in Koshien without being asked to speak. I'm really thankful, and I thought it was a wonderful stadium on the stage."

With students to Koshien

Until Mr. Fukada took office, Oita Commerce participated in Koshien 20 times in the spring and summer, but the summer of 2013 was the last. Sembat has not participated for more than 20 years.
Ms. Fukada, who was a high school baseball player in Kagoshima, became involved in the baseball club, which has long been away from Koshien, and became the baseball manager in March last year. The students who were troubled with batting were patiently instructed and watched their growth. The team missed Koshien in the summer Oita tournament with a runner-up and just one step away, but won the fall Kyushu tournament runner-up and got the sixth ticket for the first time in 23 years.

Fukada who entered Koshien from Okinoerabujima on the 9th. Just before the exchange game with Saitama and Tokuei Hanasaki High School on the 10th, I stepped on the soil of Koshien, which I entered for the first time, and shook the knock bat with the thought of "I want you to do the last game as much as you want". ..
Atsushi Watanabe, who defended the center in the one-game match at Koshien, said, “We were delighted with the team when we heard that we could do with Fukada-sensei in an exchange match.” Knocked by the teacher who trained us He told me the joy of the final match.
Also, Kota Ida of the light smiled, "I was shocked when Mr. Fukada returned to Kagoshima because I was out of sensation, but I was happy to play baseball together again in the exchange game."

The match lost to Hanasaki Tokuei High School in Saitama 1 to 3, but the players showed a playful play at Koshien.
Fukada, who returned to the dormitory after the game, said to the students who continued to play baseball despite the unexpected situation that the tournament was cancelled, "everyone who has survived even if dropped to the bottom will always be able to overcome it". He praised the strength of his heart and sent him an ale for his future life.
Mr. Fukada, who is now the baseball manager of Okinoerabu High School, replied cheerfully to the question, "How do you feel about finishing the exchange game?" "I felt a sense of dismay."
On the 11th, I will return to Okinoerabujima Island, and this time, I will give a knock bat to a ball child on the island. (Takuya Funaki, Reporter, Koshien Interview Team)