China News Service, August 9th. In the early morning of the 9th Beijing time, the second round of the Champions League 1/8 finals ended. Messi staged a brilliant goal and made a penalty kick, helping Barcelona beat Naples 3-1 at home, with a total score of 4:2 to advance to the quarterfinals, and will compete with Bayern for the semifinals.

  In the first leg clash 165 days ago, Barcelona drew with Naples 1:1 away. In this campaign, Vidal and Busquets suspended, and Griezmann returned from injury. In the opening 90 seconds, Insigne hit Pique in a cross to change the line, and Mertens volleyed from the outside of the instep and shot out of the near post.

  In the 10th minute, Rakitic took a corner kick from the left. Coulibaly was knocked down by his teammate Demer. Langley entered the upper left corner from the front of the penalty area. The Turkish referee Chakir communicated with VAR and determined that the goal was valid. , 1:0.

  Barcelona expanded the score in the 23rd minute! Messi cut in on the right and broke through the double-team, losing his balance under the opponent's push, but he got up and hooked the ball to the front of the angle, fell to the ground in front of the goal and shot with his left foot through Manolas and Demer's. The gap enters the far corner, 2:0.

  In the 30th minute, Alba made a pass from the left side of the penalty area. Suarez made a push and was blocked by Ospina. De Jong picked a pass from the left corner of the penalty area. Messi stopped the ball after his chest to get rid of Mario Rui and pushed in front of the goal. Shot into the net, but VAR recognized Messi handball and the referee cancelled the goal.

  Barcelona added another goal in stoppage time in the first half! Coulibaly took the ball into the penalty area from the backcourt, Messi stepped forward to force, was kicked by Coulibaly's left heel, both fell to the ground, the referee went to the sidelines to watch the replay and then added a penalty kick. Suarez fought forward to the upper right corner, 3:0.

  Naples pulled back a goal before the end of the first half, Ruiz made a breakthrough from the right, and Mertens was knocked down by Rakitic in front of the point and a penalty kick! Insigne took the penalty and advanced to the lower left corner, 1:3. The total score is rewritten as 2:4.

  In the second half, the two sides did nothing. In the end, Barcelona eliminated Naples with two goal difference advantages and advanced to the Champions League quarter-finals for 13 consecutive seasons. They will face Bayern Munich led by Lewand in the quarter-finals. (Finish)