Exchange match from high school baseball today Senbatu participation 32 schools 1 match at a time August 10 5:08

From the 10th, an exchange match will be held in which 32 schools that had previously decided to participate in this year's Senbatsu High School Baseball will be invited to the Koshien Stadium.

The exchange match was decided to be held as a relief measure for the 32 schools that had been decided to participate in the Senbatsu tournament due to the cancellation of the Japan High School Baseball Federation.

Each school will play one game at the Koshien Stadium for a total of 6 days, from 3rd from 10th and 3rd from 15th.

As the new coronavirus infection spreads again, the Japan Takanoren set guidelines to prevent infection, do not drink and drink around in the match, grab the glove when gathering on the mound, high touch with bare hands and You can take measures such as refraining from shaking hands.

In addition, when moving or staying a team, it is a rule to use a chartered bus for a maximum of 2 nights, and there are detailed rules such as not using a large public bath.

In addition, even when watching games on the stand, which is only allowed by reserved members and guardians, we do not speak loudly at intervals of more than 2 meters, and applaud with applause.

The Takanoren regards the holding of exchange games as a "challenge", and how to manage the culmination place for high school students while taking the maximum infection prevention measures is not limited to baseball It will get a lot of attention for its implementation.

The highlight of the first day of the exchange match

A high school baseball exchange match at Koshien Stadium will open on the 10th, and two games will follow the opening ceremony.

In the first match immediately after the opening ceremony, Oita Commerce and Saitama Hanasaki Tokuei High School will compete.
In Oita Commercial, pitcher Kento Kawase, who is an ace captain, pulls the team by pitching using moderate speed such as a straight in the middle of 140 kilometers and a big curve.
On the other hand, Noriei Hanasaki has a strong batting lineup centered on captain Tomoya Inoue.

The second match will be played by Meitoku Gijuku High School in Kochi and Tottori Johoku High School.
The focus of Meitoku Gijuku is a left-handed ace, pitcher Tomoya Shinchi, who throws various variable balls such as sliders and curves into corners with good control.
Tottori Johoku has good mobility, and in the official game last fall, he scored an average of 3.25 steals per game.

Match format different from usual year, overtime, scout

This exchange match will be held in a different form from the annual Senbatsu and summer competitions.

First of all, instead of competing to win the tournament system, the 32 schools that are invited to compete will compete in only one game each. A maximum of 3 games per day, 16 games in total, will be played in 6 days, and the duration will be less than half of the summer tournaments held at the same time.

There are 20 players on the bench, which is 2 more than the usual 18 players. This is to give even more players the chance to participate.

Furthermore, the way of fighting extra time is different. No-out Start tie breaks starting from first base and second base three innings early and starting 10 times. Many teams were unable to secure practice time due to the prolonged suspension of school due to the effect of the new coronavirus, and there is concern that players may lack physical strength, and the aim is to shorten the match time and minimize the risk of infection as much as possible. There is.

In addition, regarding scouts, admission of professional baseball to less than two teams per team, and one team from colleges and adults is allowed. It will also be a valuable place to appeal to players who have lost many match opportunities.

What about the venue, athletes, and infection measures for infected people?

The Japan High School Baseball Federation has established guidelines for preventing new coronavirus infections in preparation for holding exchange games.

The guidelines show measures to be taken at match venues and participating schools, based on the principle of thoroughly avoiding 3 crowds and recording the health condition and behavior history from 2 weeks before the event. ..

Of these, at the match venue, all people who enter the venue will always be temperature-checked before entry, and if there is a temperature of 37 degrees 5 minutes or more, it will not be possible to enter, and the management staff must wear masks. I oblige. In addition, the benches and surrounding handrails that the unspecified majority come into contact with are disinfected for each match.

Participating schools are required to avoid drinking and drinking water during the match, to grab their mouth when gathering on the mound, to refrain from high-handed bare hands and handshakes.

We will also use a chartered bus for moving and staying, and in principle we will wear a mask while considering heat stroke while moving, stay up to 2 nights, do not use a large bath, use single room and serve meals individually It is desirable.

In addition, watching games on the stand was allowed only to the reserved staff members, faculty members, and families with less than 5 people per member, but with an interval of more than 2 meters, do not make a loud voice and support with applause. Bringing in musical instruments or support boards is prohibited.

In addition, unlike the usual spring and summer competitions, the opening ceremony is held with only two schools competing in the first game participating, and it is also a tradition of Koshien. “Collecting” will be replaced as soon as possible after the match, in a form that avoids contact, and will be refrained from doing so.