Good afternoon and welcome to the Formula 1 live blog on My name is Patrick Moeke and I will keep you informed of the developments at the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix this afternoon. Lots of fun!

  • 70th Anniversary Grand Prix
  • Verstappen third
  • Bottas leads

Formula 1 a few seconds ago

44 more rounds - Gasly and Giovinazzi are also already in. The choice of Verstappen to ride on the hard tire in Q2 of qualifying - which allowed him to start the race on the hard tire today - could turn out very well.

Formula 1 2 minutes ago

46 more laps - Alexander Albon is the first driver to make a regular pit stop. Max Verstappen's teammate changes to the hard tire and falls back to last place.

Formula 13 minutes ago

47 more laps - Verstappen can still follow the Mercedes very well for the time being. The gap between the Dutchman and leader Bottas is only three seconds.

3 minutes ago

Formula 14 minutes ago

47 more laps - Valtteri Bottas is already having problems with his tires. "The status of the left front tire is critical", the Finn is told from Mercedes. Last week, both Bottas and Hamilton had a flat tire in the final phase.

Formula 1 6 minutes ago

49 more rounds - The differences in the front are already big at Silverstone after four rounds. It will mainly be about saving tires today. Who is so careful with their rubber that a one-stop strategy is feasible?

Formula 1 · 8 minutes ago

50 more laps - The repeat of the start shows that Vettel loses control of his Ferrari when he drives through the first corner. The German, who is experiencing a dramatic season, hits nothing and can continue his way.

Formula 110 minutes ago

51 more laps - Bottas draws a gap of one second to Hamilton. Verstappen in turn is two seconds behind and has a lead of 1.5 seconds on Hülkenberg.

Formula 11 minutes ago

START - Vettel seems to have been shot off the track, because the German is suddenly in last place. The score: 

  • Bottas
  • Hamilton
  • Verstappen
  • Hülkenberg
  • Stroll
  • Ricciardo
  • Gasly
  • Norris
  • Albon
  • Leclerc
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    Formula 1 12 minutes ago

    START - Verstappen takes third place from Hülkenberg before the first corner. Bottas retains the lead for teammate Hamilton.

    Formula 1 14 minutes ago

    The cars roll up the starting grid. The Grand Prix on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Formula 1 is about to begin.

    Formula 115 minutes ago

    Warm -up round - The warm-up round is running. All drivers come from their place.

    Formula 1 19 minutes ago

    Max Verstappen starts on the hard tire as mentioned before, while all his competitors start on medium rubber. The Dutchman will have a hard time in the opening phase because the medium band is much faster than the hard band. However, Verstappen can drive much longer on his hard tire than the other drivers, so he should have a tire advantage by the end of the race.

    Formula 1 21 minutes ago

    The story of the day yesterday was about Nico Hülkenberg. The Racing Point driver replaces the corona-infected Sergio Pérez and qualified third. The 32-year-old Hülkenberg has 177 Grands Prix to his name, but has never been on the podium. With that he has a record. That statistic may finally change today.

    21 minutes ago

    Formula 1 · 33 minutes ago

    Max Verstappen arrives on the grid. The Dutchman is the only driver to start on the hard tire this afternoon.

    Both Bulls, safely on the grid 👍😅 # F170

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    Formula 1 39 minutes ago

    Max Verstappen at Silverstone:

    • 2020 - Third
    • 2019 - Fifth
    • 2018 - DNF
    • 2017 - Fourth
    • 2016 - Second
    • 2015 - DNF (Toro Rosso)

    Formula 1 an hour ago

    Another 40 minutes - The pit lane is open! The drivers make their way to the grid.

    Formula 1 an hour ago

    The final starting grid for this afternoon's race at Silverstone.

    Formula 1 an hour ago

    Max Verstappen is getting ready for the anniversary Grand Prix in Formula 1. At 3.10 pm the lights will go out at Silverstone.

    RACEDAY 💪 #UnleashTheLion 🦁 #KeepPushing # F170 🇬🇧

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    an hour ago

    Formula 1 2 hours ago

    Stroll continued, "I have never cheated on anyone in my life. These allegations are completely unacceptable and untrue. My integrity - and that of my team - is beyond question. Everyone at Racing Point was shocked and disappointed by the verdict. The FIA. This team has been driving in Formula 1 under various names for over 30 years and today employs 500 people. We have always been and will continue to be a constructor in the future. " (2/2)

    Formula 1 2 hours ago

    Lawrence Stroll furious after penalty for Racing Point
    In a rare statement, Racing Point owner Lawrence Stroll responds for the first time to the controversy that has arisen around his team. Racing Point was deducted fifteen World Cup points on Friday and a fine of 400,000 euros because the team would have copied the brake cooling from Mercedes. "I don't often speak in public, but I am extremely angry about any suggestion that we have cheated, especially the comments of our competitors," said the multi-billionaire. (1/2)

    Formula 1 · 4 hours ago

    What will it be for Max Verstappen at Silverstone today?

    • Profit
    • Stage
    • Top five
    • Top ten
    • Outside of top ten
    • Falls out

    Formula 1 · 4 hours ago

    At 3.10 pm the lights will go out for the fifth Grand Prix of the season in Formula 1. The 70th anniversary GP will be held at Silverstone in Britain.

    Formula 1 6 hours ago

    After the tires claimed a late leading role last Sunday, the Italian rubber will again be decisive this weekend. That is good news for the tire whisperers among the drivers guild.

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