After rounds with Prince Daniel on Öland and small viral bunkers in Falsterbo, not many people interested in athletics have probably missed that Armand Duplantis has found a new second sport in golf.

"I talk about it all the time"

An interest that began at home in Louisiana when "Mondo" returned from a world record tour during the winter and found a USA under lockdown. When the training opportunities disappeared, the 20-year-old found one of the few facilities that was open - the golf course.

SVT Sport took the chance and hung out with "Mondo" on a round, one of many for Duplantis during the spring in Sweden. Something that has not gone unnoticed by mother and coach Helena Duplantis.

- Mom is not very fond of me playing so much. You notice in training when I have gone for a round. The next day it will not be the same bounce and speed in the legs. I talk about it all the time throughout dinner, about that shot I hit on the 16th hole, says "Mondo" and laughs.

"Had a very good time in Sweden"

Despite a lot of time spent in Sweden, this spring is the first time Armand Duplantis has a permanent home in his mother's home country. In an apartment near the IFU arena, where "Mondo" has trained, Armand has lived with his little sister and mother.

- It has not been many times where I have been in Sweden and been able to take it easy. I have had a very good time in Sweden, I could celebrate Midsummer but still did not have a competition so close. The years before when I have been in Sweden it has been hectic and I have just bounced around from competition to competition, quite hectic and stressful.