SOFTBANK SAFATE SNS suggests retirement from service August 8 14:34

SoftBank pitcher Dennis Safate, who has made a total of 234 saves in professional baseball, spelled on his SNS that he had already finished his last match, suggesting his retirement.

39-year-old pitcher Safate had an operation on his right hip and had no pitching last season, but this year he continued to make adjustments for the first army mound after two years from spring camp.

However, the pain in the right hip joint recurred, so I returned to the United States for medical examination and treatment on the 7th.

Safate pitched to his SNS saying, "The last match has already ended. I have played baseball for a long time."

“I thought it would be easy to recover from my old man's surgery, but it's been more than two years. I found that I needed to have another operation. I was shocked, but I'm about 40, and I've been playing for a very long time. I want to go to Japan with my family, but at that time I will go as a tourist."

Pitcher Safate, who has been in Japan for 10 years, joined SoftBank in 2014 after playing in Hiroshima and Seibu.

In the season three years ago, he pitched 66 games and marked a professional baseball record of 54 saves, making a total of 234 saves.

We have a three-year contract with SoftBank until next season.