Good afternoon and welcome to the Milan-San Remo live blog  My name is Jeroen van Barneveld and I will keep you informed of developments in the competition.

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Milan-San Remo a few seconds ago

Another 9 km  - The course finally ignites on the first meters of the Poggio. INEOS 'Moscon opens the ball and is joined by two others, Ciccone and Stybar.

a few seconds ago

Milan-San Remo 2 minutes ago

Another 9 km  - There the Poggio looms! This 3.7 kilometer climb with an average gradient of 3.7 is the place to be for climbers with a chance of winning. Especially the strip that rises by 8 percent invites an attack.

Milan-San Remo 2 minutes ago

Another 9.5 km  - Daniel Oss is going for the effort and has been caught by the peloton.

Milan-San Remo 2 minutes ago

Another 10 km  - With another kilometer to the start of the Poggio, Wout van Aert from Jumbo-Visma is not well ahead. The Dutch team must now really pull forward to not start the climb with a disadvantage.

Milan-San Remo 6 minutes ago

Another 13 km  - The peloton lets Oss struggle a bit, because he does not get more than 13 seconds. Another 4 kilometers to the Poggio.

Milan-San Remo 9 minutes ago

Another 19 km  - Mosca seems to be looking forward to it, because he is chasing Oss with Lutsenko (Astana). That doesn't seem to work, because Oss already has a gap of 15 seconds.

9 minutes ago

Milan-San Remo 11 minutes ago

19 km to go  - He can be recognized by his long head of hair, Daniel Oss. The BORA-hansgrohe rider jumps off the descent of the Cipressa and goes solo.

Milan-San Remo 14 minutes ago

Several teams want to be in the front in this final of Milan-San Remo and that leads to nervous scenes in the peloton. Who will be best positioned for the Poggio, whose top is 5.5 kilometers from the finish.

Milan-San Remo 16 minutes ago

Another 22.5 km  - Front runners Vliegen (Circus - Wanty Gobert) and Mosca (Trek-Segafredo) reach the top and are immediately caught by the peloton, which makes a nervous impression. Who dares to try the narrow streets on the way to Poggio, the last climb of the day?

Milan-San Remo 18 minutes ago

Another 23 km  - Fernando Gaviria and Elia Viviani also hoist the white flag. In any case, this edition of Milan-San Remo turns out to be too tough for the toppers among the sprinters' guild.

Milan-San Remo 20 minutes ago

Another 24.5 km Attack! The attacks follow each other in rapid succession in Milan-San Remo. Trek-Segafredo's Ciccone is on the hunt for Vliegen and also Mosca, who has joined the front runner. He gets Pogacar in his wheel.

20 minutes ago

Milan-San Remo 22 minutes ago

Another 25 km  - Caleb Ewan already has to release and so the sprinter of Lotto-Soudal can finish. He was still seen as an outsider, because as a sprinter he can handle the altimeters well. That does not appear to be the case today.

Milan-San Remo 24 minutes ago

Another 27 km  - Loïc Vliegen is the first to fly over the asphalt of the Cipressa. The Belgian from Circus-Wanty Gobert is the first to attack, after his teammate Danny van Poppel fell at the foot of the climb.

Milan-San Remo 26 minutes ago

This is the cross section of the Cipressa. The climb is 5.6 kilometers long and has an average gradient of 4.7.

Milan-San Remo 26 minutes ago

27 km to go  - The fireworks should now really start in Milan-San Remo, because the riders start on the Cipressa, the traditional executioner. Who dares to take on a long marathon solo?

Milan-San Remo 26 minutes ago

Another 28 km Crash! The Dutchman Danny van Poppel hits the asphalt. The Circus-Wanty Gobert rider makes an ugly slide.

26 minutes ago

Milan-San Remo 30 minutes ago

Another 30 km  - Julian Alaphilippe is still not back in the peloton, while there are still three kilometers to go on the way to the Cipressa. This chase will cost a lot of effort for last year's winner.

Milan-San Remo 34 minutes ago

35 km to go Flat tire for Julian Alaphilippe! The Frenchman was already plagued by a series of punctures in the Strade Bianche last week and he also has to take a suck from the poison cup in Milan-San Remo. He's standing by the side with his hand in the air. An unfortunate moment in the final of the race.

Milan-San Remo 37 minutes ago

Another 36 km  - Amalgamation! After more than 250 kilometers, the leading group is over. The five Italians have been caught by the chasing peloton, which, led by Jumbo-Visma, is heading for the Cipressa at a killer pace. The final has really started.

Milan-San Remo 42 minutes ago

Favorite Mathieu van der Poel is still hiding in the peloton in the descent. Will we soon see the Dutchman from the front when climbing the Cipressa, which is traditionally the executioner in Milan-San Remo? At 27 kilometers from the finish, the riders will start the 5.7 kilometer climb.

Milan-San Remo one hour ago

Another 45 km  - Deceuninck-Quick-Step leads the chase of the peloton on the five front runners. The Belgian formation naturally has nefarious plans for Julian Alaphilippe, last year's winner. In Strade Bianche, the Frenchman could not go for the victory last week, because he had to contend with several flat tires.

an hour ago

Milan-San Remo one hour ago

Another 48 km  - The final of Milan-San Remo is slowly starting. The peloton has almost completed the long descent of the Colle di Nava and reckons the five leaders are almost there. The lead shrinks to half a minute.

Milan-San Remo one hour ago

Another 55 km  - Now that the knife is against their throat, the front runners fight each other out of the tent, despite the fact that they know that they are no longer going for the victory. There are only five leaders left, because Marco Fverslagi hoists the white flag.

Milan-San Remo one hour ago

Another 60 km  - It is now going fast with the lead of the leading group. Led by BORA-hansgrohe, Peter Sagan's team, the peloton is seriously pursuing the six front runners, who have only 1.29 left.

Milan-San Remo one hour ago

70 km to go  - The leading group reaches the top of the Colle di Nava and now descends for the final of Milan-San Remo. The group only has six riders, because the Spaniard Carretero has not been able to keep up with the pace. That means that all front runners are Italians. The peloton is also going to seriously work on the chase in the descent.

Milan-San Remo 2 hours ago

Mathieu van der Poel has something to make up for after his disappointing performance last week in Strade Bianche, in which he was ravaged by a flat tire. What can the Brabant all-rounder do today on the way to San Remo? The rolling trail seems to be made for him.

Milan-San Remo 2 hours ago

Another 82 km  - Schär (CCC) and Consonni (Cofidis) were also involved in the crash of Trentin (CCC), but they are now rejoining the peloton, which is slowly increasing the pace in the hunt for the seven front runners. Their lead is now only 2.28.

Milan-San Remo 2 hours ago

Another 87 km Crash! It's the end of course for Matteo Trentin. The Italian from CCC suddenly hits the asphalt and takes several riders, including two from Jumbo-Visma, into his fall. Trentin gets into the ambulance with a lot of damage.

Milan-San Remo 2 hours ago

Jumbo-Visma can often be seen from the front in the peloton. The Dutch formation throws all the balls on Wout van Aert today, who is in top form after the corona resumption. Last week he soloed to victory in Strade Bianche, the first WorldTour race in the post-corona era.

Milan-San Remo 2 hours ago

Another 90 km  - The riders have now been on the bike for more than five hours and have covered 215 kilometers, which comes down to an average speed of 40 kilometers per hour. If we follow the organization's timetable, the finish should be around 6:40 PM.

Milan-San Remo 2 hours ago

Another 100 km - The riders have now broken the barrier of 200 kilometers and have about 100 kilometers to go in Milan-San Remo. Little has changed in the price situation for the time being. The seven front runners are still far ahead of the peloton, although the lead is shrinking rapidly. They only have more than three minutes left.

Milan-San Remo 3 hours ago

Another 125 km -  The riders have now passed the top of the Niella Belbo. The front runners have about 4.5 minutes left from their lead over the peloton.

Milan-San Remo 3 hours ago

Milan-San Remo will take a while, but the second stage of the Tour de l'Ain is nearing its apotheosis. With 25 kilometers to go, Jumbo-Visma (Kruijswijk, Bennett, Roglic) rides the rest in a pile. Competitor INEOS only has Egan Bernal in the front. Mollema and Quintana are also included.

Milan-San Remo 4 hours ago

Another 175 km -  The lead of the leading group and the peloton is shrinking somewhat. It is now less than six minutes. Slowly but surely we are approaching the first real climb of the day: the Niella Belbo. However, the difference will not be made there yet.

Milan-San Remo 5 hours ago

Another 206 km -  We have an idea of ​​the leading group, in which there seems to be excellent cooperation. The group consists mainly of riders from small teams who have had a wild card, such as Team Adrani, Vini Zabu and Gazprom. They round the cape of the first 100 kilometers of the race with 6.5 minutes ahead of the leading group.

Milan-San Remo 5 hours ago

Another 213 km -  Julian Alaphilippe (right) chats a bit with his teammate Zdenek Stybar. They have the opportunity for that, because the peloton is still taking it easy. There is still plenty of time to make up the 6.5-minute lag of the leading group.

Milan-San Remo 5 hours ago

235 km to go -  The race actually runs as almost always: the refugees are given all the space to build up a considerable lead. The difference increases towards 8 minutes, but that doesn't bother anyone in the peloton.

Milan-San Remo 6 hours ago

We take a short trip to France, where the second stage of the Tour de l'Ain has been underway for some time. Here too we see a group of escapees: Jaakko Hanninen, Simon Guglielmi, Nils Politt, Julien Bernard and Joey Rosskopf.

Les drivers présents dans l'échappée: 📌 Hanninen (@ AG2RLMCyclisme) 📌 Gugliemi (@GroupamaFDJ) 📌 Politt (@YallaIsraelSUN) 📌 Bernard (@TrekSegafredo) 📌 Rosskopf (@CCCProTeam) #TOURDELAIN #TDA

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Milan-San Remo 6 hours ago

Another 256 km -  After a short fifty kilometers course, the maps are as follows: we have a group of seven refugees, who have been around 6 minutes ahead of the peloton for some time now. The names again: Mattia Bais, Manuele Boaro, Alessandro Tonelli, Damiano Cima, Hector Carretero, Fabio Mazzucco and Marco Fverslagi.

Milan-San Remo 6 hours ago

Another 274 km -  The lead of the front runners is growing steadily. They are now almost five minutes ahead of the peloton.

Milan-San Remo7 hours ago

Another 286 km -  The peloton lets the group of refugees slowly drive away. The difference is about two and a half minutes.

Milan-San Remo7 hours ago

This is what the start in Milan looked like.

Milan-San Remo7 hours ago

Another 299 km -  The early flight has started. Manuele Boaro, Alessandro Tonelli, Damiano Cima, Mattia Bais, Fabio Mazzucco, Marco F Rapporti and Hector Carretero are the names of the men who try it. Of course there are no contenders.

Milan-San Remo7 hours ago

304 km to go -  Not only are the date and the route different this year, the composition of the participating teams also looks different. Teams may only send six riders. This can affect an early flight, which may be slightly less of a head start than usual. A race is also less easy to control with fewer riders.

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