Gymnastics trainer Wolther Kooistra has immediately left his activities at Turnz Amsterdam. The coach thus complies with the request of the KNGU gymnastics association. If it is up to the union, three more club coaches will stop their work as long as the investigation into transgressive behavior within the sport continues.

"This is my response to the union's request, thinking of the bigger picture: out of piety with the victims, that there is no noise in the investigation announced because our sport is tipsy game, out of collegiality," Kooistra said on Friday. against the NOS. "TeamNL colleagues are no longer employed and I agree with that."

Kooistra is referring to national coaches Gerben Wiersma and Vincent Wevers. They were put on hold by the union, following the revelation of former gymnasts about numerous abuses.

The KNGU did not have the authority to suspend Kooistra, because he is employed by a club and not the union, although he is present at major tournaments such as European and World Championships to assist gymnasts. The union therefore asked Kooistra to "step aside" as long as the investigation is ongoing and he has therefore complied.

'There are different reactions'

The request of the association to "step aside" also lies with the clubs of trainer Nico Zijp (FlikFlak Den Bosch), Frank Louter (Klaverblad of TON Almelo) and Patrick Kiens (Pax Haarlemmermeer).

"There are different reactions", says Mark Meijer, technical director of the KNGU. "They are taking the request back to their own board. For us now we have to wait and see what the decision will be, depending on which we will come up with a response later."

At the end of last month, the KNGU announced a large independent investigation into transgressive behavior and intimidation in gym sports in recent years. The results of the survey are expected at the end of this year.

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