Dylan Groenewegen is mentally through it all, now that Fabio Jakobsen is in hospital with serious injuries due to his fault. The sprinter resents the heavy crash in the Tour of Poland.

"I have clearly made a mistake, because I am diverting from my line", Groenewegen said to NOS on Friday with a trembling voice and tearful eyes . "In my mind, I am only with Fabio and hope he will recover soon."

Both top sprinters competed for the win on Wednesday in the first stage of the Tour of Poland. Groenewegen cut Jakobsen off the pass, which then drove hard in the gates and crashed heavily. He sustained serious injuries and was kept in a coma until Friday afternoon.

"I immediately saw that it was not good," Groenewegen recalls. "It would be easy if I could roll it back, but I just made a mistake by straying from my line. Of course you never hope it turns out like this and can only hope Fabio will recover soon."

Groenewegen out of the way for the time being

Groenewegen himself sustained a broken collarbone and will not compete in anticipation of an investigation by the UCI, Jumbo-Visma concluded. The sprinter has no need to compete either.

"I don't want to think about getting on my bike in the coming months," says the sobbing cyclist. "Sprinting is a long way off, I don't want to look at that in the coming months and we'll see how things will go after that."

That Groenewegen is razed to the ground on social media does not bother him much. "I'm not looking there right now. I especially hope that Fabio will recover quickly. Hopefully I will be able to ride nice duels with him in the future."

Groenewegen has not yet had any contact with Jakobsen's family. "I think it is still a bit too early for that. I certainly want to do that soon, but now is not the right time."

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