Clémentine Sarlat in 2016 when she worked for France 2. - FRANCK FIFE / AFP

Pierre-Etienne Léonard, one of the three journalists from the sports department of France Televisions dismissed for harassment, will challenge his ouster before the industrial tribunal, we learned from his lawyer on Friday. "The reason for dismissal is completely unfounded," said Mathilde Derudet's advice in a press release.

Clémentine Sarlat case: who are the three journalists from France Televisions dismissed?
Jean-Francois Laville (editor-in-chief), Alain Vernon and Pierre-Etienne Léonard. And for the blame, Rodolphe Gaudin.
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His client intends to argue before this body "the total absence of the slightest discriminatory behavior or remarks by providing numerous testimonies", adds the lawyer, member of the cabinet founded by the former Secretary of State for Sports Thierry Braillard .

The lawyer considers that the reason for the dismissal of her client relates to a "general context, while no fact directly attributable to him can be blamed". In addition to Pierre-Etienne Léonard, Jean-François Laville, editor in charge of the coordination of magazines and Alain Vernon, figure of Stage 2, were punished after an internal investigation which revealed facts of harassment and sexist comments.

A fourth employee received a reprimand. This internal investigation was opened in April after the publication in the daily L'Équipe of the testimony of Clémentine Sarlat, former co-presenter of Stade 2, now converted into the podcast after having also worked at TF1.


"Stage 2": Clémentine Sarlat denounces the moral harassment experienced in the sports department of France Télévisions

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