Twins Kenta Maeda 6 times 3 goals without scoring the third victory of the season August 7 7:04

Kenta Maeda of the major league, Twins started the pirates game on the 6th and was unable to win or lose with 3 runs in 6 runs.

Maeda, who moved from the Dodgers to the Twins this season and won the opening two consecutive games, went up to the starting mound of the third game in the Pirates match at Pittsburgh, where his opponent was home.

Once the teammates had scored 3 points, Maeda pitched with just 10 pitches and all three hit the center fly.

However, in the second inning, two consecutive hits led to a no-out first-base, second-base pinch, and the sixth batter hit a light three-run home run to catch the tie.

From the third inning, Maeda showed the true pitching that throws a broken ball into the corner, and from the third to the fourth he struck out three times in a row.

Pitcher Maeda threw up to 6 times and hit only 2 hits, 3 for 1 foreball and 4 strikeouts, and 3 goals.

In the match, the Twins scored and led in the home run in the 4th and 5th innings and had the right to win the pitcher Maeda, but in the 9th inning, they got a 2-point timely hit from 1 out 2nd base and 3rd base. I lost 5 to 6 bye.

The Twins' winning streak stopped at "6", and Maeda's third win this season was not.

"August 6 is an important day of course"

Pitcher Maeda said, "I wasn't in a better condition than last time, but I was glad that I was able to make a game using a variety of pitches even though it was bad."

In addition, regarding the one ball that was hit by a three-run home run, "I thought it was necessary to enter it a little more carefully because it was the first ball, the curve to get the strike, but after that it was firmly switched, so in a sense It was a good pitching," he said.

Regarding the fact that he was pitched on August 6th, 75 years after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, he said, ``Because I was a professional and spent a long time in Hiroshima, August 6th is of course an important day. I didn't send it because I was before pitching, but since the game was over, I want to send a message firmly through SNS."