The wheel of the most important club in the world, the Champions League, is back in circulation today, after a forced interruption of five months due to the Corona virus pandemic. The attention will be focused today on two summits from the four matches postponed in the second leg of the round of 16, where the date is with the match between Man City and Real Madrid at Al-Ittihad Stadium in Manchester, the English city, while in Turin, Italy, Juventus will host its French guest Lyon. Tomorrow, she will play Bayern with Chelsea, while Naples, Napoli, is a heavy visitor to Barcelona.

Four cards are left for these clubs to qualify for the quarter-finals: Paris Saint-Germain, Italian Atalanta, German Leipzig, and Atletico Madrid, Spain. The remaining knockout competitions will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, from December 12 to 23. The matches postponed from last March will be held without fans, and on the regular stadiums of the clubs that were scheduled to return to the final price. However, some visiting clubs expressed concern, after the number of injuries or the players trapped in the "Covid-19" trap, similar to Real Madrid striker Mariano Diaz.

City to take advantage of preference

Real Madrid do not have many options, as they have to win at Manchester City, the English Premier League, to reach the quarter-finals. But the La Liga champion is going through a good period when he turned the table on his arch-rivals Barcelona after returning. He must repeat Barcelona's "Rimontada", but in one match this time.

The Spanish coach Pep Guardiola outperformed him in the first leg in his home match (2-1), so the record holder in the number of titles (13) became close to saying goodbye to a tournament that he controlled in recent years and crowned him three times between 2016 and 2018.

Al-Malaki will be absent from the center of his defense and one of his stars, Sergio Ramos, due to the suspension for his expulsion back. But Guardiola, who is missing the injured Argentine striker Sergio Aguero, warned against a beautiful tactical confrontation with the French Zinedine Zidane.

The error is forbidden for the Juve

The mistake will be forbidden by Juventus, as the French Lyon team is looking for the achievement after it came close to dropping Saint Germain in the French Club League Cup final last week, and hopes to compensate for its failure to obtain a European card, in addition to exploiting its victory back with Luca Tozar's goal.

Lyon's mission does not seem easy, especially since Juventus, the European and European champions in 1985 and 1996, returned to competition intensively, as he secured his ninth title in the domestic league, even without persuasion. Juventus, Ronaldo and Argentine Dybala, also shine remarkably recently.

Barcelona on the compensation mission

Barcelona seeks to avoid the complicated trap of a complicated season, Lionel Messi and his companions. The Argentine appeared alone in the past weeks in La Liga, losing his lead and his title to Real. His coach, Kiki Citin, is on the brink of dismissal, and has to exclude Naples after his return with a positive result from the Italian south (1-1). His French striker Antoine Griezmann returned from injury in an attempt to regain his position against the players of coach Gennaro Gattuso. Messi said: «We have done what is necessary, i.e. self-criticism among us, as we must do. We did not offer a great season in terms of play and results. We have to be more regular. ”

Bayern is in a "picnic" against Chelsea

Bayern, crowned eight consecutive Bundesliga title, are quietly going back to the final match against Chelsea, after a successful festival in London that witnessed the recording of an explicit trilogy, including a double for Serge Gnabry. The Bavarian team intends to repeat the 2013 achievement when it scored the League - Cup - Champions League, knowing that it misses its French defender Benjaman Pavar because of the injury. But top scorer Robert Lewandowski (51 goals this season) will be on time, trying to boost his lead to the top scorer (11).

Final return program.


Man City - Real Madrid (1 - 2 round) 23:00

Juventus - Lyon (0-1) 23:00


■ Barcelona - Naples (1-1) 23:00

Bayern - Chelsea (3-0) 23:00

Ramos is the most prominent of the "royal" absences in the face of the "Citizen".

Man City faces the Real deprived of its superstar and his goalscorer Aguero.

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