Players ’agents have advised eight Emirates Football Clubs, before contracting with foreign players to support their ranks during the coming period, especially in light of the current situation due to the precautionary measures taken to limit the spread of the Corona virus. They stressed during their conversation with «Emirates Today» that the most prominent of them is the importance of seeking assistance from those with experience in the field of contracting with foreign players, and that a specialized technical committee in the club coordinates with the coach in coordination with the coach, in addition to reviewing the CV of the player in question and knowing his technical level with his club on the ground without Relying on videos only, the extent of his commitment and discipline, learning about his behavior and knowing the extent of his injuries, or not, determining the extent of the club's actual need for this player so that the club's money is not wasted in failed deals, as well as avoiding dealing with brokers and paying financial commissions from under the table, and not exaggerating In the player's price.

Al-Nasr is considered one of the most active clubs in the current transfer market, especially after it signed a contract with Cape Verde, the Sharjah team Ryan Mendes, as well as a prominent historical scorer for Al-Wahda team Sebastian Tigali.

They said that the clubs should learn from the lessons of the past period in order not to waste large amounts of money they desperately need, especially with the current situation because of the declining revenues in light of the effects of the Corona virus.

The players ’agent, Adel Al-Amri, stressed the need to place the right man in the right place for those who make the selection process. He said: "We hear about technical committees in clubs, and when we verify them, we find an administrative committee, not technical." He continued: «Not every former player can be specialized in the matter of players’ choices, but it is necessary to be a coach, along with an administrative presence coordinating between the technical committee and the club’s board of directors. He stressed that the players ’choices depend on a person with a purely technical thought, so that the choice is based on sound foundations that serve the interests of the club by attracting players who really constitute the desired addition to the team.

He pointed out that there are clubs that have already succeeded in forming a model technical committee, and he said: "This matter has resulted in the conclusion of these clubs about contracting distinguished players, whether they are citizens or foreigners."

For his part, Munther Ali, the players’s agent, said, “Any club should follow the player concerned in terms of his level and the extent of his bid on the field, and know his biography in all its details.” He pointed out that there are clubs that have the ability to sign players with large sums and others that do not have that. He said: “Clubs should not strain themselves with financial obligations with foreign players that exceed their limits.” He emphasized that “although all clubs have technical expertise and high capabilities in knowing the players, but in my assessment that the club determines the extent of its need for this player or not through the position he plays ».

He added: "One of the important things that the club must know before its technical level is the extent of this player's commitment, discipline and harmony with the rest of the team players." Monther continued: «There are several factors that lead to the player’s success or not with the club, as it is possible for the club to contract with a player at a reasonable or simple price and succeed, and there is a club that may bring a player with large sums but it is not successful with this club.

The legal advisor in charge of contracting with players, Obaid Al-Shuwaihi, stressed the importance of the club collecting accurate information, data and statistics about the player who intends to contract with him, in order to avoid any problems in the future if the club discovered that he had contracted with a player at a modest level.

He added: "It is necessary for the issue of contracting with foreign players to be undertaken by persons or a specialized technical department who have full knowledge in this field." He pointed out that "it is preferable to have a long-term legal contract between the club and the player in the event that the required deals and conditions apply to it." Pointing out that he prefers the issue of developing foreign players among the country's clubs, because the club is fully aware of this player due to his presence in the UAE league.

They stressed that this would spare clubs wasting huge amounts of money on failed deals.

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