Chinanews client, Beijing, August 5th (Bian Liqun) In the Super League match on the evening of the 4th, Guangzhou Evergrande defeated Shenzhen Kaisa 3-1 and won the start of the match. Scored 4 goals in 3 games. This is Wei Shihao's dazzling answer at the beginning of the new season. In fact, when he scored twice against Shanghai Shenhua in the first round, it seemed to indicate that Wei Shihao this season is different from before.

Data map: Wei Shihao broke the deadlock against Shanghai Shenhua in the final round of last season and tried to secure Evergrande's crown as the eighth champion of the Chinese Super League. Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Jimin

  Looking at Wei Shihao's performance, one can't help but remind people of Wu Lei before. The reason why the two are connected is because they both have the attribute of "true fragrance". Nowadays, Wu Lei of the Spaniards abroad has also experienced a stage of poor passers-by. The remarks that the national football team did not score a single goal and the "Shanghai Beach boss" once made him controversial, but as he continued to check his career milestones, Wu Lei It is now "the hope of the whole village".

  The current trajectory of Wei Shihao is more and more similar to that of Wu Lei. Although he has not yet proven himself in the national team, in the star-studded Guangzhou Evergrande, Wei Shihao has changed from being a small player behind the Han Super League and Gao Lin. Become a general who can be alone. In view of Wei Shihao's previously publicized character, his "true fragrance" attribute is probably much higher than Wu Lei.

  While Wei Shihao has been "really fragrant" for three consecutive rounds, people can't help but sigh that the replacement of Guangzhou Evergrande is complete?

Data map: In the 2019 season with the old and the new, Guangzhou Evergrande won the eighth championship of the Chinese Super League. Photo by Zhang Hengwei

  Before the start of the season, the outside world once thought that Guangzhou Evergrande, which had a major rebrand of the lineup again, would encounter a trough after a long off-season. However, as Evergrande finished the third round of the game, they found that they still underestimated Cannavaro’s subordinates. The strength and ambition of Zhi Hengda...

  In fact, this prediction before the season is not without logic. After all, in the winter transfer window, Guangzhou Evergrande "cleaned up" many veterans such as Zeng Cheng, Feng Xiaoting, Gao Lin, Yu Hanchao, etc., which means more Young players have to shoulder heavy responsibilities in the new season, and there are also certain factors of instability.

  In the pre-season warm-up match, Evergrande lost 0:3 to R&F for a time, and later it was a 1:1 tie. In the game against Shenzuo, Evergrande won 3:2 with difficulty.

  I originally thought that the pain of Evergrande’s line-up run-in period would continue after the start, but now it seems that they have become the best team after the start of the Super League.

Data map: On July 25th, the 2020 Chinese Football Association Super League (Suzhou Division) kicked off the opening game. Wuhan Zall defeated Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang 2-0. Photo by China News Agency reporter Yang Bo

  Compared with the "One Horse Pingchuan" of Shanghai SIPG and Beijing Guoan in Group B, the strong teams of Group A of Guangzhou Evergrande are gathered. However, since the start of the match, they have defeated Shenhua 2:0 and also beat their rivals R & F 5:0. In the latest match, Evergrande defeated the deep football team that introduced many powerful players 3:1. Compared with SIPG and Guoan, which have not yet had a strong dialogue, Evergrande’s gold content in these three games is much higher.

  What is even more shocking is that although Evergrande currently has many young players in the team, with an average age of only 26.4 years old, making it the fifth youngest team in the Super League, in the game, they did not lose track of their old manners and calmness. For example, in this round of the match, the opponent took the initiative in the first 30 minutes, and even hit the post once, but then Evergrande had a counterattack and Wei Shihao calmly scored the goal.

  Evergrande is like a master of martial arts, facing the opponent's frequent attacks without any confusion, even once when the opponent launched a counterattack, he knocked him out. For Shenzu, this kind of "torture" really makes people feel "desperate."

Wei Shihao breaks

  There may be other Chinese Super League teams who are also desperate. They thought that under the node of Evergrande's renewal, they would have a better chance of hitting the championship of the Super League. But such a young team can show dominance performance, which means that for a long time in the future, Guangzhou Evergrande will still be the most favorable contender for the Chinese Super League championship, and the eight-time champion Evergrande may continue to write this dynasty.

  Guangzhou Evergrande's rapid renewal is indeed surprising. They only took less than 2 years, and the cost of performance was very small.

  In 2018, at that time, Cannavaro led the halo of Tianjin Quanjian Chongchao successfully and reached the AFC "Second Palace" Evergrande. In that season, Evergrande introduced Deng Hanwen, Tang Shi, Yang Liyu, Feng Boxuan, Zhong Yihao and other young players for a preliminary update. Facing the menacing Shanghai SIPG, Cannavaro still insisted on using veterans under the pressure of the championship, but in the battle of Tianwangshan, Evergrande, which was full of old attitude, finally lost to the Shanghai SIPG. In Hong Kong, seven consecutive championships were ended.

  Perhaps realizing that a new generation is imperative, Evergrande has introduced Liu Yiming, Wei Shihao, Zhang Xiuwei, Gao Zhunyi, He Chao and other young players in the 2019 season. Under Cannavaro, most of them have become The team's main force in the AFC and Chinese Super League, with the veteran who is willing to be a green leaf, was crowned the eighth champion of the Chinese Super League.

  In the 2020 season under the epidemic, Guangzhou Evergrande, which has become more youthful, continues its previous situation. Under the intensive schedule that is biased towards the competition system, Evergrande’s lineup thickness and age advantages are further highlighted. There is no doubt that Guangzhou Evergrande has become the most powerful team in the Super League this season. If they win the championship, they will have a future.

Data map: On the evening of July 26, in the first round of the 2020 Chinese Football Association Super League (Suzhou Division), Beijing Zhonghe Guoan defeated Chongqing Dangdai 2:1. Photo by China News Agency reporter Yang Bo

  Looking at several teams with the ability to compete for the championship, the average age of Beijing Guoan has reached 27.7 years old, and the main lineup is in its prime. Although the average age of Shanghai SIPG is only 25.4 years old, young players have yet to provoke the team. In the next few seasons, the two teams are bound to face a replacement.

  As for Luneng in the second tier of the Super League, it is also facing the problem of aging of the main lineup. Shenhua is the oldest team in the Super League, with an average age of 29.6 years. Jiangsu Suning has an average age of 26.3 years old, which is considered to be the younger team among the strong teams.

  The average age of the Dalian team, which has also undergone updates this season, is only 25.1 years old, making it the youngest team in the Super League. Compared with Evergrande’s smooth transition, the Dalian team paid a real price. In the 3 rounds with 1 draw and 2 losses, the performance of the coach Benitez's team was shocking. It can be seen that the complex project of replacement cannot be accomplished overnight. (Finish)