Professional baseball SoftBank confirmed infection of one of the new staff members August 5 14:06

In response to Yuya Hasegawa's infection with the new coronavirus, professional baseball SoftBank announced that an inspection of all players and staff confirmed that one of the rehabilitation group's staff was infected. ..

Yuya Hasegawa, who was adjusting in the 2nd army at SoftBank, conducted a PCR test for about 200 people including all players and staff after being infected with the new coronavirus.

The team announced that one male staff member in their thirties was confirmed infected in the 1st army on the 3rd, and all others were negative.

And on the 5th, it was announced that one male staff member in his 30s of the rehabilitation group was newly infected from the 2nd army, the 3rd army, and the rehabilitation group.

As a result, the farm activities will continue to be suspended until the identification of concentrated contacts is completed.

The staff has no contact with one army and the team has no impact on the activity of one army.

Also, regarding the infection of Hasegawa, it was announced that four people, Naoki Sato, Tatsushi Yanagimachi, Go Kamamoto and Yusuke Masago, who are currently in the 2nd army, were determined to be rich contacts by the public health center.

Although 4 players were negative by PCR test, they stayed home until 14th of this month, two weeks after the last contact with Hasegawa last month, 31st month.