Klages was found guilty by a jury in February for denying that she knew about Nassar's abuse before 2016, while several of the exploited victims told about the abuse in public.

At the trial in February, Klages stated that she did not remember hearing about the abuse - and now apologizes to the victims. She also says that she met a therapist to try to recall this.

"I'm so sorry"

- I'm so sorry. But I can not imagine that I would not take the concerns that arose seriously, says Klages in court.

Two of the female victims testified in November 2018 that they had already told Kathie Klages in 1997 that Larry Nassar had sexually exploited them.

Klage's lawyer says "that her client could have somehow stopped the destruction of Larry Nassar is a false story for anyone who really knows the facts in this case".