Half of the wrestlers escaped from the Shikihide room and complained that the guidance of the wolf was severe August 15 at 15:56

Approximately half of the wrestlers from the Sumo Shikihide room have escaped, and we have learned from the people involved that they are complaining to the Japan Sumo Association that the kami in the room is giving too much guidance.

According to officials of the Japan Sumo Association, on the 4th, about half of the 19 wrestlers who belong to the Shikihide room escaped from the room in Ryugasaki, Ibaraki Prefecture, and the room clerk was instructed to the Sumo Association. It means that they are going too far.

Specifically, he said that he was told to "fire" or that he was asked to take a photo of the package sent from his parents' house and send it to his girlfriend.

In the Shikihide room, the teacher, Kitasakura in the first curtain, and Shikihide's boss got sick and took a rest from the duties of this place, so it is said that the teaching of life was mainly conducted by Mr. Okami. ..

The Sumo Association has a policy to ask wrestlers and people in the room for more detailed information.

“I'm worried. I'd like to hear from the Sumo Association for coverage,” said the Shikihide room clerk.