As a result of professional baseball 5th, Rakuten wins Softbank and becomes the same leader at 23:54 on August 5th.

Six night games were played in professional baseball, and Rakuten in the 2nd place in the Pacific League beat Softbank in the top position to move up to the same position.

This is the Par League.

In Rakuten vs SoftBank, Rakuten won 6-0.
Rakuten has risen to the top of the list with SoftBank. Rakuten's starting pitcher, Wakui, is a good hit with nine hits and has won six straight games since his first opening. He hit the batting line 5 times, with 3 hits by Kofukada's timely hits, and added 6 points for Asamura's 2-point timely two base. SOFTBANK lacked vividness in throwing.

Orix vs. Lotte wins Lotte 12 to 1.
Lotte preempted four points four times with Yasuda's two-point timely two base and Kanno's two-run home run. In the 5th inning, he scored 7 points with 5 hits and 3 foreballs. The starting pitcher, Kojima, scored his third win with a good run of one goal in the sixth inning. Orix lost to Lotte with one draw and lost seven consecutive games.

Seibu won 7-2 against Nippon Ham vs. Seibu.
Seibu took the lead six times in a six-time run by Spangenberg, and then Yamakawa's No. 13 torun, which led to a three-point lead. The third Hirai pitcher wins and the fourth win. Seibu's consecutive losses are 3 stops. Nippon Ham made 11 hits but couldn't make the most of the chance.

This is the SE League.

DeNA vs China-Japan DeNA won 8-2.
DeNA took the lead with Lopez's two-point timely hit once, and Sano's timely addition in the third. Sano struck a timely two base in the 4th inning, and a solo No. 6 in the 8th inning, and was able to score 3 RBIs. The starting pitcher *Hamaguchi pitched his third win with one goal in five runs. In the middle day, the batting average was 3 hits, and all 5 pitchers also scored.
(* The eyebrow is under the claw made by Hama)

Yakult vs. Hiroshima won Hiroshima 4:1.
Hiroshima scored additional points in Dojo Hayashi's No. 8 solo home run in 5 times of 1-on-1 and Nagano's timely two-base 7 times. The starting pitcher, Nomura, won the second win with a good run of 1 goal in the 7th inning. Hiroshima is the first three consecutive victories this season. Yakult lost four times in a row with one draw and retired to third place.

In the Hanshin vs. Giants, the Giants won 4-1.
The giant won the game with Wakabayashi's timely hits three times, and Okamoto's two-point timely two bases added three points in the sixth. The starting pitcher Togo scored his fourth win with a good run of 1 goal in the middle of the 8th inning. In Hanshin, pitcher Fujinami threw the longest eight times this season, but the batting line could not be covered.