A Leicester player sent off on the final day of the 2019-20 Premier League season. - Oli Scarff / AP / SIPA

The season has barely come to an end in England when the federation is already considering the establishment of redesigned regulations to obey the constraints of high-level sport at the time of the Covid-19. According to information from The Times, referees in the Premier League (and all other English divisions) will now be asked to be very vigilant on players who purposely cough on an opponent, even though all pros are supposed to be. negative to Covid-19 to be able to tread the lawns.

TIMES SPORT: If you cough you're off. #TomorrowsPapersToday pic.twitter.com/R4CkRMRDlx

- Neil Henderson (@hendopolis) August 2, 2020

If a clear desire to sneeze at another player is established, the referee will have the right to take out the red card as he would for a blow to the opponent. The Times specifies that "if the incident was not considered serious enough to merit a red card, a warning could be sent for unsportsmanlike behavior".

Referees will also be asked to be particularly vigilant on spitting, even if spitting does not constitute a reprehensible act in itself according to the first elements of the regulations in preparation. On the other hand, the referees will not be responsible for the application of the rules of social distancing during the goal celebrations.


"We can fill the stadiums to 50 or 60%", will the maximum 5,000 spectators gauge disappear?

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