Arab players have left the accounts of the Arab Gulf League clubs during the current summer transfer period, as no Arab deals were concluded in the past period, at a time when the attention of clubs was focused on players from the continents of South America and Europe, to support its ranks before the launch of the 13th edition of the league, in contrast Quite from the 2018-2019 season, which saw the largest number of deals by Arab players, attracting 14 players at once.

The Arab players did not succeed during the last season to have an audible word in the league, and their experiences came very short and less than expected, except for the Jordanian star Yassin Al-Bakhit, who previously played for the clubs of Hatta, Dibba Al-Fujairah and Ittihad Kalba, and finally Al-Dhafra who will continue with him in the next season .

The canceled season wrote an unhappy end for the Arab players, when Al Ain Club sacked the Algerian Abdel Rahman Meziane, who moved to him last summer from the USM, to be dispensed with his services during the winter transfer period, and the Moroccan Mourad Patna was not better off than Meziane, who came out of The narrow door of Al-Jazira Club, after a similar experience with Al-Wahda.

The Al Ain, Al Wahda, Al Wasl and Khorfakkan clubs succeeded in completing their contracts at the level of foreign players, without any of them being any of the Arab players, while the rest of the clubs are still completing their attempts to end the summer deals without any media reports indicating Arab names coming to the Arab Gulf League.

Al-Ain had attracted Angolan Wilson Eduardo to join the Togolese Laba Kudjo, the Uzbek Islam Khan, the Japanese Shiotani, and the unit contracted with the Slovenian Tim Matang and the Moldovan Henrique Lovanor, who came from Al-Ahly youth, to join the Congolese Mboku and the South Korean Lee Myung.

In Al Wasl, the emperor's administration settled its deals at the level of foreign players in record time, so the Brazilian Santos Neris, the Argentine Nicholas Oroz, along with the Brazilians Wilton Suarez and Ronaldo Mendez, were contracted with the team from last season.

In terms of Khorfakkan club deals, it owns three Brazilian players: Dodo, Bruno Lamas and Ramon Lopez, in addition to the Colombian Orlando Peru.

For his part, the players ’agent, Mohamed Ibrahim, emphasized that the Arab Gulf League clubs always tend in their contracts to successful experiences, regardless of the nationalities of the players, setting an example of this in both Al Wasl and Ajman, the former always prefers the Brazilian school, while the orange administration tends more to African players.

Mohamed Ibrahim told «Emirates Today»: «The absence of Arabs from the summer transfer market for this season does not mean that this is an indication of their declining level, but on the contrary, the Arab player proved a great success in the global football field, and we have examples of that, such as the Egyptian Mohamed Salah, The Algerian Riad Mehrez, and the Moroccan Hakim Ziash, who have achieved successes that put them in the ranks of world players ».

He added: «In my view, the options for contracts with players from South America or Europe are greater in front of the local clubs, unlike the Arab players, whose contracting options are less, the distinguished players refuse to abandon their services, and if you agree to dispense with their services, it will be That is a very high financial fee. ” He added, "On the other hand, there are players, for example, who play in Brazilian Flamingo clubs, Argentine River Plate or European leagues, they do not get their chances in their clubs, which facilitates the task of contracting them, and many of them shine here in our league." And on the reasons why the Arab player in general did not succeed in the Arab Gulf League, Mohamed Ibrahim said: “We cannot generalize the experience to all players. Just as some players from South America or Europe did not succeed in their experiences with our clubs, there are also some Arab players, Just as there have been successful experiences, and the issue in the first place is subject to the process of conciliation or not ».

Successful Arab models in the Arab Gulf League

Egyptian Hussein Al-Shahat.

Jordanian Yassin Al-Bakhit.

Algerian Karim Karkar.

- Moroccan Mubarak Boussoufa.

Syrian Omar Khreibin.

Saudi Yasser Al-Qahtani

Arab players did not appear at the required level

- Moroccan Osama Al-Saidi.

- Moroccan Abdulaziz Brada.

- To Tariq Al Saktawi's Moroccans.

Egyptian Shikabala.

- Tunisian Anis Boudjelban.

- Moroccan Sufyan Al-Aloudi.

• 14 Arab players were drawn from the Arab Gulf League clubs at once in the 2018-2019 season.

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