Max Verstappen had to settle for third place in the qualification for the Grand Prix of Great Britain on Saturday. Also at Silverstone, Mercedes turned out to be too fast for the Red Bull Racing driver.

"My lap was pretty good, but Mercedes was just too fast," said Verstappen in an initial reaction after qualifying. "Just like in the last races so far."

Verstappen had to give in for more than a second to Lewis Hamilton, who took the 91st pole position of his career. Hamilton's teammate Valtteri Bottas was second at 0.7 seconds faster than Verstappen.

"We have to accept that Mercedes is faster. The best I can do is take third place and it worked," said the Limburger resigned. "We must be satisfied with this."


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Verstappen hopes to make it difficult for Mercedes in race

Although he had no chance in qualifying, Verstappen hopes to make it difficult for Mercedes in the race on Sunday. During the training sessions on Friday, Verstappen drove lap times comparable to those of Bottas in the lungruns .

"Of course I'm going to fight for it. The race is different from the qualifying," said Verstappen.

It should be noted that it was very hot on Friday at Silverstone. Mercedes cars don't seem to be at their best under those circumstances.

The temperature was lower on Saturday and it will be on Sunday. "It was also very difficult because of the wind today. Our car is very sensitive to that."

The Grand Prix of Great Britain starts on Sunday at 3.10 p.m.